In a recent article from Nancy Lieder, the Zeta’s explain a tilt in Jupiter:

“SOZT Since March, 2003 Jupiter has shown itself vulnerable to the magnetic blast coming from the N Pole of Planet X. At that time, Planet X was just entering the inner solar system and was pointing its N Pole toward the Sun’s S Pole, going end-to-end with the Sun. This was a direct tilt in the direction of Jupiter, which reacted by a tilt itself. Both Jupiter and Saturn are in magnetic opposition to the Sun, which means they are allowing magnetons to flow in their tops and out their bottoms. They themselves are not magnetic planets, and do not generate a magnetic field. By being in opposition, there merely present the least resistance to the flow of magnetons in the Sun’s field.

Why have Jupiter and Saturn returned to tilting at this time, when Planet X has been in the inner solar system since 2003? Planet X is involved in its first 270 roll, and has been steadily swinging its N Pole in a horizontal manner away from the Sun’s S Pole and outward into space. Swinging this N Pole in a retrograde manner, clockwise, it first points out toward Jupiter and Saturn, before directly hosing the Earth as it will do in the Last Weeks. Jupiter and Saturn now have MORE that the Sun’s magnetic fields lines to deal with, as they are also receiving a blast from the side. Thus conflicted, they are shifting about trying to accommodate BOTH magnetic fields.

This strange activity on other planet’s highlights the very real possibility of planet X existing, however, there is no end of the world predictions coming from the website.

Continued Ash Eruptions From Tungurahua




Residents in the area have been told to evacuate from the erupting volcano as activity has picked up as of late.  The first explosion generated a column of ash that reached two kilometers (1.24 miles) in height and fell over various communities, among them the tourist city of Banos. A third explosion generated a column of ash nearly five kilometers (3.1 miles) tall.

A Tough Russian Winter

Strange weather events were temperatures rise and fall dramatically has been happening a lot lately, and the following video shows a man throwing boiling water outside the window and it instantly turning into mist:

Exxtremely low winter temperatures in Russia continue to take more lives, as 21 people have frozen to death in only one day; 147 others were hospitalized with frosbite. The cold weather in central Russia is not going to warm up any time soon.

As of December the 19th, the cold has reached St. Petersburg, where temperatures fell below -20 degrees Centigrade. It is 30 degrees below zero in the Ivanovo region, -22c in the Kaluga region, and

-25 in Tver.As of 2012 45 people have been killed in Russia, and 266 people have been hospitalized.

Yesterday in the city of Samara, temperatures drop to minus 27 degrees for the second week already, 152 homes were left without heat. By lunchtime, temperatures in apartments dropped to +14 degrees Centigrade.

A town of Balashov, the Saratov region, with the population of 80,000 was left without water because of the cold snap. There was also ice from the local river which plugged water pipes, forcing divers to fix the problem.


Once again, Nancy lieder and the Zeta’s explain these extreme weather events earth because of the earth’s wobble:

“There has been no change in the wobble pattern, the wobble has merely become more severe. Nancy noted a Figure 8 format when the Earth wobble first became noticeable, in early 2005, after Planet X moved into the inner solar system at the end of 2003. The Figure 8 shifted along to the east a bit on the globe between 2005 and 2009, (the last time Nancy took its measure) as Planet X came closer to the Earth, encountering the magnetic N Pole with a violent push earlier in the day. But the pattern of the Figure 8 remained essentially the same. So what changed recently that the weather patterns became noticeably different in late January, 2012?

The N Pole is pushed away when it comes over the horizon, when the noon Sun is centered over the Pacific. This regularly puts Alaska under colder air, with less sunlight, and thus the historically low temps there this January, 2012 as the wobble has gotten stronger. But by the time the Sun is positioned over India, the N Pole has swung during the Figure 8 so the globe tilts, and this tilt is visible in the weather maps from Asia. The tilt has forced the globe under the hot air closer to the Equator, warming the land along a discernible tilt demarcation line.

The next loop of the Figure 8 swings the globe so that the N Pole moves in the other direction, putting the globe again at a tilt but this time in the other direction. This tilt is discernible in weather maps of Europe, again along a diagonal line. Depending upon air pressure and temperature differences, the weather on either side of this diagonal line may be suddenly warm or suddenly cold. The tilt and diagonal line lingers to affect much of the US and Canada, but the Figure 8 changes at this point to be an up and down motion, pulling the geographic N Pole south so the US is experiencing a warmer than expected winter under a stronger Sun. Then the cycle repeats, with the magnetic N Pole of Earth pushed violently away again as the Sun is positioned over the Pacific.” poleshift.ning

Expect More False Flag Events If Planet X Passes

The conclusion that the team has come to is that more false flag events will take place if planet x passes by the earth. Why? Well, the system that is place would be making it’s move to form the “New World Order Agenda”. A disaster on the scale of an extinction level event would be the best time to activate a “New World Order” and more false flag events would help put the system into place.

The most recent event in Sandy Hook is a clear example of a problem being created, individuals reacting with fear, and the solution is to take your freedom and right to bear arms. This strategy has taken place throughout time, and this most recent incident has been proven to be a false flag event.

Watch the video below for proof:


Zeta Report – Point Of Passage (Video)

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