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There is a long list of lost cities and ancient civilizations that thrived a long time ago. Recently, Archaeologists have been searching for lost cities in the jungles of Honduras, and have found what they feel is a vanished ancient civilization. (source)

The area where the ancient city was found had little to no human activity nearby. Here is what one of the research team members had to say on the find:

“Even the animals acted as if they’ve never seen people,” Fisher said. “Spider monkeys are all over place, and they’d follow us around and throw food at us and hoot and holler and do their thing.”

You wonder what happened to this lost city which looks to be about 1,000 years old. Did something happen to cause these groups of people to have to go to the Jungle to survive?

Discovery In Oregon

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Very interesting story out of Riley Oregon today, as a team of archaeologists discovered what could be evidence of the earliest known humans in North America. There was a tool found which had a blood test run on it, that could have been used on buffalo you see in the area today.

The most interesting part of this discovery is that the tool was found under a layer of ash, which could have meant there was some type of disaster which occurred around that time.

Of course it is not finalized that this tool was used by humans , but an important note is that many ancient human petroglyphs were found near this exact same area.

Riley Oregon is some 4,226 ft above sea level, so if the oceans came out of their basins this would be an ideal location to relocate to because of the high elevation.

If this last story in Oregon ends up turning out to be true , then this is could be more evidence to support ancient cataclysms.


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