In Springfield Missouri, State Highway Patrol says that a loud boom on Saturday evening was caused by an exploding shooting target called a shock wave target. Many highway Patrol officials say troopers went to investigate the loud boom and found a family in Lawrence County that said it was from them.

According to the KY3 article, quote:

“shockwave targets can come in 16-ounvr plastic jars and are said to be stable. The target contains two dry granular substances that have to be mixed before they will go off. A company that sells them says the blasts are comparable to a stick of dynamite.

For the target to explode, it must be shot with a high-powered rifle. The bullet must be traveling at a minimum of 1,200 feet per second before ignition can be achieved.”

Here is a map of where the earthquake took place, and where the New Madrid Fault zone is located:


(A) represents New Madrid, MO (B) represents the are where the booms were heard, this is near the area of the New Madrid, so these loud booms will be something to keep track of for sure. This article was published yesterday, and did not take place on 2/5/2013.

One of the main researchers who has brought to our attention that the New Madrid Fault zone could potentially be coming alive is TheUnitedKnowledge. Here is a video that goes over these earth booms, and how they connect in almost a perfect line to form what looks to be a straight line across the eastern part of the United States:


In other loud booms to report this week, on February the 3rd, 2013 there was a loud boom to report in the Missouri Ozarks:



A light earthquake measuring 2.9 points on the Richter scale has been registered in southwestern Bulgaria Tuesday, in the first hours of the new week. According to the European Seismology Center, the quake had an epicenter with a depth of 10 kilometers.

The epicenter is located 18 kilometers northwest of the town of Gotse Delchev in the Blagoevgrad region, 111 kilometeres south from the capital Sofia and 97 kilometers southwest of the second largest city of Plovdiv.

The earthquake tremor was registered at 8:06 am. There were no damages or loss of life in the afer math of the 2.9 earthquake.

Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes for 2/5/2013 according to the U.S Geological survey:

5.0 268km E of Kuril’sk, Russia 45.519°N 151.286°E 46.9

Volcanic Activity For 2/5/2013

kiluae volcano, volcano

Etna Volcano In (Italy: The South East crater has produced occasional ash emissions and weak explosions over the past 24 hour, but so far, the volcano seems to not be in the mood of making another mini-paroxysm eruption.

Mt Fuji Volcano (Honshu): The mount Fuji volcano remains calm, however, an increased number of small quakes near and under Mt Fuji are visible according to volcano discoveries latest data plot of nearby earthquakes.

According to the Japan Times, a new eruption of Mount Fuji could force 567,000 people to leave their homes, in the worst case scenario.

Taal Volcano (Philippines): Earthquake activity remains slightly elevated, but nothing else points toward a possible reawakening of the volcano in a near future.

Santa Maria Volcano (Guatemala): Activity has remained the some for the most part, with explosion plumes rising 800 m were observed during yesterday-today, as well as avalanches from the still active flows on the flanks of the dome.

Fuego (Guatemala): There was effusive activity that has increased in favor of explosive again.



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