Nobody quite knows what caused the ground in some parts of Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes to start moving, but many locals are beginning to wonder.

Just a little before 3 P.m Wednesday, reports started to come in to officials of tremors taking place, with a loud noise with it. Many locals are hearing loud noises, similar to thunder sounds and rumbling.

The USGS did not report any earthquakes at the time of this strange event. According to Paul Caruso, ” There are not many seismic monitors in South Louisiana because there is rarely any such activity in the area.”

The Looming Sinkhole Disaster


The threat of methane gas coming out of the ground and effecting many people in the area is one of the primary concerns, along with a massive sinkhole that opened in August.  Some of the local residents of the assumption Parish community of Bayou Corne felt light tremors in the months leading up

to the emergence of the 400 foot-wide sinkhole. Many people in the area are not getting the answers that they feel they need at the current time. When something happens and officials don’t have answers, speculation will start to set in.

A recent examiner article published on the 6th of October has announced that the sinkhole has a potentially life threatening risk to residents.

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It will be interesting to see how the Louisiana sinkhole will be contained, because so far it looks like it could become a very bad situation. As usual, hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

Here is a video that reveals the size of the sinkhole:


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