A 14 year veteran of the post office, decided to drive a different way to work, but this could have literally been a turn for the worst. The mans

car landed in a sinkhole and started to fill with water. An adrenaline rush and pure determination helped him get out of the vehicle without a scratch.

“The ground underneath the car felt like it was shaking, and the ground just gave way and I did a nose dive into this sinkhole,” he said. “All this freezing cold water came rushing in.”

A 12 inch water main underneath mount Pleasant Road busted  ending Kelly’s car inside the sinkhole.

“I couldn’t get out. First thing I tried was to open the door, but I couldn’t open the door. I couldn’t get my seatbelt off,” Kelly said. “The water is rising very rapidly, very fast. It came up to my chest, and I started panicking, and I honestly thought I was going to die.”

Somehow, someway, Kelly managed to push the door open on his Chevy.

“As I got out of the car, I sunk even further into the sinkhole because it was sandy, felt like it was in quick sand” Kelly said.

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More Dead Dolphins In India

The mass animal deaths continues, and even though many mainstream news sources have no idea what is taking place, from our research the earths magnetic field is being twisted by something in space. Even though critics will blame solar activity from the sun, the earth’s magnetic field seems to be affected by something else.

Today’s latest report comes from India, where apparently dead dolphins have washed up on a beach in Kashid, India:


“Posted in Publishaletter.com

By :(Not Verified) Sneha Tickoo

Letter to the Editor Sent to : Times of India, The Country: India

Date: JAN-14-2013

Subject: Dead dolphins at Kashid beach

Dear Editor:

I was dismayed to see three dead dolphins at Kashid beach this weekend . Dolphins are a rare site in our seas and it was very heartbreaking to see them rotting . None of the authorities had come to pick up their bodies . I am not sure how they were drifted towards the shore as there was a net tied to one of the dolphins tails . My concern is that if any dolphin is swept ashore is there any rescue operation which is conducted to help these animals go back to their habitats . i have clciked a few picks of the bodies . Please contact me if you need these.”

 Booms And Shaking Continues 

So recently there were reports of fish dying from a lack of oxygen which sounds fishy, and just recently another ridiculous claim of some teens using explosives to cause earth boom sounds miles away. One of our favorite researchers highlights interesting information on the most recent earth booms, and how everything is connected.


These recent developments are helpful to anyone who is researching, what is taking place. Those living near the new Madrid fault zone should be making preparation at the current time, with so much activity taking place in the area. The methane gas coming from the earth could explain many animal deaths, combined with the twisting of the earth’s magnetic field.


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