On February the 6th, what is known as the herring apocalypse turned up millions of dead herring in Iceland. It is still not known what exactly caused the death of these millions of herring fish. The Gulf Of Mexico Oil disaster could potentially be the cause of these mass fish deaths, due to the corexit that was spread in the sea, however the distance from the Gulf Of Mexico and the area of the fish death is vast.

Another explanation for some of the mass animal deaths could potentially be the twisting of the earths magnetic field, as animals use the earths magnetic field to navigate. Here is an excerpt from the softpedia.com that goes over how different animals use the earths magnetic field:

“Migratory fishes like trout, salmons and stingrays, have sensory cells containing magnetite, which are wired to the brain. Whales and dolphins were found to use Earth’s electromagnetism in their long migrations (the echolocation of the dolphins serves only for short distances). Impairments in the Earth’s magnetic field could explain massive cetacean strands in specific areas. 

Sharks and rays have electromagnetic sensors, employed for detecting wounded fish and crustaceans that emit a weak electric field, even of just 0.01 microvolts. Sharks moving through the terrestrial magnetic field generate an electric field whose value depends on their position of the magnetic field captured by the electroreceptors. In an aquarium, sharks always swim around the walls. If the magnetic field is canceled or impaired, they start swimming randomly. ” –http://news.softpedia.com

What could be taking place today, could be a mixture of events, as the corexit from the Bp oil disaster, and also the twisting of the earths magnetic field from something in space, could be causing these mass animal deaths.

A commenter on the daily mail article makes a good point about what could also be taking place:

“Iceland is basically a giant volcano. If there is a volcanic outlet under the fiord it may be giving off vast amounts of toxic gas, CO2 most likely. If the oxygen content of the fiord drops below a certain level – the fish die en masse/.” –dailymail.co.uk

As reported earlier, there is a potential possibility that methane could be coming out of the earth, and causing birds to drop out of the sky, as well as fish deaths.

Just the other day there was an interesting article that covered hundreds of spiders that were spinning their webs in odd places.


No matter what any debunker can say about the mass animal deaths, strange bird migration, and spiders spinning their webs in odd places, what is taking place today is not normal.


While writing this article there was a 6.3 earthquake recorded by the U.S geological survey, there are currently no reports of damages or loss of life, but stay tuned, as many of the aftershocks have caused damage to buildings and resident fleeing in-land.

Here is a list of earthquakes measuring 5.0 or greater by the U.S geological survey:

M Location
Click event below for details
Lat Lon D
6.3 51km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.978°S 165.444°E 35.0
5.2 South Indian Ocean 36.719°S 53.369°E 8.7
5.0 95km E of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.810°S 166.704°E 10.4
5.3 71km W of Neiafu, Tonga 18.580°S 174.659°W 132.0
5.0 98km S of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.606°S 165.797°E 10.3
5.1 23km S of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.927°S 165.834°E 10.1
5.0 74km NNE of Gueiria, Venezuela 11.223°N 62.109°W 94.2
5.4 109km ESE of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.075°S 166.767°E 35.1

Notice the continued strong aftershocks taking place at the solomon islands, since the 8.0 earthquake hit the solomon islands there has been at least one 6.0 earthquake everyday.

Volcanic Activity For 2/10/2013


Stomboli volcano in Italy – Activity remains elevated in Italy, with explosion signals that are strong and small lava overflowing from the North East


El Hierro Volcano In Spain – There are currently 1-6 small daily earthquakes in El Hierro.

Kiluchevskoi Volcano Kamchatka: Kvert reports weak seismic activity for Kliuchevskoi.

Kizimen volcano in Kamchatka: New lava flows continue to extrude from the summit on the eastern and southern flanks of the volcano.

Karymsky Kamchatka Volcano: There is currently weak seismic activity recorded in the area.

Shiveluch kamchatka Volcano: There is a viscous lava flow continues to effuse on the eastern flank of the lava dome, strong and moderate fumarolic activity

and incandescence of the dome summit and hot avalanches accompanies this process. Seismic activity has also increased at moderate levels.

Ambrym Vanuatu Volcano: There is a strong SO2 plume from the volcano is visible today again, confirming lots of fresh magma continuous to arrive in the


Colima Volcano In Western Mexico: Rockfalls and occasional small volcanic quakes are visible on the seismic signals.

Popocatepetl Volcano In Central Mexico: There is a create of gas/steam emissions that remain low at about 1 event per hour and glow is visible at night.

 The Closest Asteroid Ever


In about week’s time there will be those who can catch a glimpse of the 50 metre-long lump of rock hurtling ominously through the skies. There is no reason

to be scared of the asteroid even though it is one of the closest asteroids to pass in 15 years.

“No Earth impact is possible,” said Donald Yeomans, an astronomer with the US space agency.

He also pointed out that the planet was bombarded by about 100 tonnes of space material every day.

“Basketball-sized objects come in daily,” he said. “Volkswagen-sized objects come in every couple of weeks. As you get to larger and larger sizes the number of objects out there is less and less, so the frequency of hits goes down.” http://www.guardian.co.uk

Thankfully there hasn’t been to many doomsday theories on the world ending as this asteroid makes a close pass by. It does seem as if there has been more asteroids than normal as of late. By performing a few Google searches we found a very interesting article entitled:

“Global Warming Claimed to Increase Asteroid Risk” Here is a quote from the article:

“University of Michigan scientists have claimed that global warming causes an increased risk of asteroids striking the Earth, due to expansion of the atmosphere outward into space making the Earth a bigger “target”. http://www.ecoenquirer.com


It sure does seem as if there has been more reports of meteor showers, as well as things falling from space as of late, this will be a story that we will have to keep track of in the future, especially if planet x is out there. If planet x is out there, it would be bringing with it junk from space along with it as it makes it’s approach.


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