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In Seymour, residents in the area near Dogwood Hills subdivision were met with dead birds in the road, with some of the birds smashed by cars. Apparently the birds

fell from the sky and littered the highway, which caused a scene in the movie. Sgt. Robert Stoffle of Sevier County Sheriffs Department mentioned that a call about the birds started coming in at 1:15 p.m.

A witness reported seeing the birds in flight before turning back around and see them on the ground. Sgt. Stoffle mentioned “It covered one lane of traffic,” and up to 300 total birds were estimated to be dead.

The dead bird count stopped at around 50 even though 300 dead birds were estimated. Here is the eye-witness account of the mass bird deaths that took place:


“I was (driving) to the house … and I see a couple of kids standing in the road. I’m like, ‘what are these kids doing in the road?’

“When we get closer, next thing you know, there are birds everywhere and they were all dead. It was disgusting. It was really amazing. That end-of-the-world was supposed to have been coming and stuff, so everybody was like, ‘oh, no,'” he said, laughing.

“When I first came upon it, when the kids were kicking them out of the road, there had to be 300 birds there, at least. It was crazy. There’s some even in the field and the water and stuff, too, it’s crazy.


A New Years Pattern Emerges For Mass Animal Deaths


These strange bird migrations and dead birds falling out of the sky dead is chilling to say the least, and from our research it is from a twisting of the earth’s magnetic field,  which is causing these animals to suddenly die and beach themselves in the case of marine life.

The mainstream media, will not acknowledge the fact that something in space is twisting the earth’s magnetic field, hoping that the general public will not look into these incidents and just go back to everyday life, after all, those fireworks can be very dangerous to birds.

Earthquake Activity

Magnitude 5.0 earthquakes have picked up a bit as of late with 1 of the 3 earthquakes measuring a 5 on the Richter scale in

Taranaki earlier this morning. There was a smaller 3.2 earthquake and then a 4.3 earthquake which was centred 6km deep and 25 km north-west of Opunake.

There was no tsunami warnings to report and the earthquake was not strong enough to generate a tsunami.

Here are some of the eyewitness accounts of the earthquake event:

“If there are aftershocks, remember to Drop, Cover, Hold,” they tweeted.

“Well, that was a short, sharp welcome to the New Year! No reports of damage so far,” they said.

People throughout Taranaki reported being woken up by the quakes and turned to twitter to share their account.

“All three earthquakes managed to wake me up when alarm clocks won’t, can’t sleep now due to fear of fourth,” Sean Kelly said on twitter.

“Was about to go to bed and I heard the first one come. It shook the house from side to side and lasted about 30 seconds,” William Johnston said. –

As mentioned before, it is a 100% provable fact that earthquake increases are taking place, and here is the graph to prove it according to the website:

earthquake (10)


Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes according to the U.S geological survey for 12/31/2012:


M Location
Click event below for details
Lat Lon D
5.0 South Indian Ocean 3.237°S 86.454°E 9.8
5.0 8km NNE of Cacahoatan, Mexico 15.058°N 92.140°W 113.9

Volcano Activity

In Colombia a mild ash explosion took place at the volcano in the area, and was seen on the 29th of December. This is the 6th time that ash emissions have been spotted.

The last major eruptions in 2010, here is video of the most recent landslide in the region:


Drought Likely To Worsen In 2013

The drought conditions that plagued crops and farmers, and sent the price of important commodities up in 2012, doesn’t look to be getting any better for 2013 in the Nebraska area. Those living in Nebraska should see drought conditions worsen, as Climatologists at the University

of Nebraska-Lincoln’s National Drought Mitigation Center came out with a statement saying the effects of the drought will get worse in 2013 because the state’s rivers and lakes have diminished.

“When we do have precipitation, very little will go to runoff,” climatologist Brian Fuchs said. “Those soils are going to act as a big sponge. They’re just going to take in a lot of the moisture. We’ll continue to see problems of stock ponds, smaller lakes and streams dropping.”  –

News for the world’s largest transportation hubs, the Mississippi river does not look good, as ice on the river’s northernmost stretch is reducing water levels and is seriously affected by drought.
Here is a quote from a recent article:

“While the drought is at the core of the current issues on the Mississippi, this situation also highlights the dire need for infrastructure improvements,” said National Corn Growers Association Chairman Garry Niemeyer, a grower from Auburn, Ill.

“At NCGA, we have been pushing for upgrades the locks and dams since 1993, but our federal government has failed to respond. If we continue to ignore our infrastructure, we will lose valuable markets.”

With drought conditions worsening globally it is a good idea to stock up on important items that will increase in price as time goes on.

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