Note from the editor:  There are poor arguments that exists on the internet today, recently there was an impact on the moon, and almost everyone makes the claim that it is just normal, the moon always gets hit with objects from space. We posed the following question to those discussing the impact on the moon ” What force could be causing these rocks to hit the moon” and the commentary was about how these take place all the time.

Not one individual could answer the question that we stated, what could be causing the increase in objects hitting not only the moon but our earth? To brush aside the increase in rocks hitting our earth, the massive storms taking place on other planets, the sinkholes opening up, and the severe record-breaking storms, as normal, is ignorant.

What is taking place on our planet is not normal, and unfortunately we live in a world where ignorance is bliss, and looking into conspiracy facts, or negative news is considered bad to some people. Balance is important when learning about earth changes, or conspiracies, you don’t want to become to consumed by the bad news on our planet, however the news helps people make preparations.

We want the world to know, that there is in fact an increase in earthquakes, in increase in volcanic activity, meteors, severe weather, sinkholes, temperature extremes, and ect… and that the general public will have to put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to understand the full scope of what is taking place.

Volcano Erupts At The Alaska Volcano

Theo Chesley / Alaskan Volcano Observatory via AP

The Pavlovf volcano has an ash cloud that can be seen 20,000 feet above sea level in Alaska. Scientist John Power of the U.S Geological Survey, estimates the lava fountain rose several hundred feet into the air.

Seismic instruments are currently picking up tremors from the eruption at Pavlof, located about 625 miles southwest of Anchorage.

The morning cloud was carried to the southeast, and shows persistent elevated surface temperatures at the summit and on the northwest flank. Seismic activity remains elevated with nearly continuous tremors recorded on the seismic network.


The Popocatepetl volcano in Central Mexico has shown an increase in intense activity, two strong explosions took place and ejected incandescent fragments on the volcano’s flanks.

The explosions triggered an eruption plume which rose 3 kilometers above the volcano, drifting northeast. A series of ash emissions took place at the Galeras volcano in Columbia, with a weak increase in seismic activity during the past week.

 Earthquakes In Strange Places 

Google maps

In Canada, a 5.1 earthquake took place in Ontario Canada, and was felt all the way up to New York and the Vermont border. Canada’s government agency that monitors earthquakes says the quake took place at 9:43 a.m.

No injuries were reported from the earthquake, however there was a 911 dispatch center that received a small handful of calls in the half hour after the earthquake.

“The State Office of Emergency Management continues to monitor effects of the earthquake that occurred this morning near Ottawa, Canada, and was felt throughout parts of New York State,” read a statement from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office. “At this time, there have been no reports of damage to any of the state’s critical infrastructure.”

Here are a few quotes from those who felt the earthquake:

“I was shaking and I looked at my desk and it was shaking,” said Giambrone, who had never experienced an earthquake before. “It was weird. There was no hysteria. People were just like ‘I think that was an earthquake.'”

“I was sitting having my coffee about five minutes ago and the kitchen table started shaking,”

The most significant earthquake of the day was recorded in the Solomon Islands, which has been active as of late. A strong magnitude 5.7 earthquake hit the region, with no reports of damages to buildings, injuries or tsunami’s activated. A small 2.6 earthquake took place at the Yellowstone Geysers in California, with a small uptick in earthquake activity as of late.

The Redoubt volcano in Alaska just experienced a small 2.5 earthquake, and was not strong enough to cause any injuries or damages to buildings. As a final note on earthquakes and volcanic activity, we have a picture of the Popocatepetl volcano in mexico, revealing an eruption on May 17th in the morning time:



Keep in mind, that recently, this volcano has spilled ash on locals in the area, and caused officials to prepare for evacuations, as activity is heightened at this time.

Sinkholes And Water Main Breaks Signal Geological Upheaval


In the past two days more sinkholes have opened up, with one of the largest sinkholes opening in China A family had a lucky escape after a sinkhole opened up in front of them, and swallowed their car, over the next 30 minutes the sinkhole became bigger and the

car disappeared. According to officials heavy rain was the cause of the gigantic sinkhole, which swallowed the red car pictured above. The next sinkhole took place in Summit County, as crews worked on a deep 16 foot sinkhole appeared on the eastbound of I-80 near the Wyoming border when a pipe below the road caved in. Thankfully, this sinkhole did not swallow any vehicles, here is a

quote from one of the supervisors of Transportation:

“One of my crew members happened to drive through here yesterday (Wednesday) morning and felt it and found it, and we immediately closed the road,” said Bryant Richins, a Utah Department of Transportation supervisor. –

The last sinkhole took place in Austin, Texas, which encountered a 30 foot long sinkhole that almost swallowed a traveling bus. Seven young people felt the ground sinking, and there were no injuries that were reported from the incident.


water main 3


Water main breaks – Mysterious water main breaks continue to occur, with a giant Springfield water main break that took place yesterday at the intersection of Union and Maple streets, the next water main break took place near Avon lake, with

the water flooding a street in the area as pictured above. This particular area is no stranger to water main breaks, as 75 line breaks take place every year.

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  1. All of these occurrences do in fact happen all of the time. The fact that they seem to be occurring with greater frequency of late is just a matter of perspective. It only takes a glance at the moon to see that it has been hit by various sizes of rocks a lot of times. Most of this activity occurred before we possessed the technology to track them. The observance of storms on other planets and are sun is also a relatively recent ability. The profligation of news outlets over the last several decades is making us more aware of things that occur all over the planet. The rest can be explained by statistical variability and long cycles that are hard to fathom.