sinkholes, earthqauke, kentucky ky, Kent, United Kingdom Sinkhole – The size of the sinkhole that formed on February 12th 2014 in Kent, UK, could fit a double decker bus inside the cavity. Gretal Davidson’s 12 year old daughter found the sinkhole, which turned out to be 17 ft deep and 10 ft wide.

The string of sinkholes in the United Kingdom have been on the rise in early February with the High Wycombe sinkhole taking place  on the February 2nd, when a 30 foot deep sinkhole opened up in a driveway swallowing a car, along with a  5 foot deep crack in Devon United Kingdom and a 15 foot deep sinkhole which took place in England February 11th, 2014. –source

According to, the critically acclaimed website about about planet x and the poleshift, the UK and England  are not set to do well during the poleshift:

“We have stated that England, and the UK in general, can anticipate a permanent drop of 75 feet in elevation due to the pole shift.” –source

Bowling Green, Kentucky – Geologists have no clue what happened as a massive sinkhole collapsed part of the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky on Wednesday, damaging 8 prized cars that fell into the sinkhole.

“It was unique for a lot of reasons,” he said. “One, it’s full of Corvettes, and two that it was inside a structure.” –source

If there were people on the show room floor, this sinkhole event could have had been an entirely different news report.



A strong 7.3 earthquake took place in the sparsely populated area of China’s far western region of Xinjiang on Wednesday, damaging homes, the good news is that no injuries or loss of life took place in the event.

Several aftershocks were reported in the event varying in magnitude. And we have a 5.4 earthquake which took place in Vanuatu. And a 4.8 earthquake which took place in northern Sumatra, for a list of other small tremors visit. –source

Gas Explosion

gas explosion 1

In Attica Indiana emergency crews from more than seven agencies responded to a building explosion caused by a natural gas leak.Families living in the area have been evacuated to the Methodist Church. –source

Yesterday there was a gas explosion which took place in Dilliner, PA, with one worker injured from the event.source

Extreme Weather


It’s rare for Vietnam to receive dense frequency of storms and tropical low-pressure systems according

to director of National Centre for hydro-meteorological forecasting Bui Minh Tang. While rare snow affects Vietnam, over in Australia fires are breaking out, as well as extreme drought in some areas as seen in the video below:

This is further proof of extreme earth wobble, as extreme cold is hurting one country, and extreme heat in another country.  source 1| source 2

A storm brought deadly ice, snow, and a winter storm, along with freezing rain to the southeast of the United States on Wednesday, causing hundreds of thousands of power outages. –

Moving over to Norway, northern Europe is now experiencing some of the mildest temperatures in a century according to meteorologists, as temperatures exceed their normal average by 4 Celsius to 4 5 Celsius in Norway and Finland.

Extreme weather is also effecting the wales as winds reaching 108 miles per hour cause havoc across the country.

A strange meteorological tsunami took place in Brazil, causing the sea to swell & spill out a wave that reached all the way up to the parking spots. Here is the video aftermath of the event:

 source 1 | article


We have five fireball reports for today, one with delayed sound, In Indianapolis. At the current time there is one pending fireball report in West Virginia and 1 report from Germany.- source

Six fireballs were reports by Nasa’s all sky cameras, with all six being sporadic. –source


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