Message from Esx: 

letter from earthshiftx

It has been a very challenging 2015 for updating the website you are reading, as we have faced times where we could not log into our account, computer software freezing when making videos about planet x, and image glitches that happen on our website.

The two links below were taken at an earlier time, and show that the image was altered in some way, we do not know how this happened, or why  we were the only ones viewing this:

Link To Pic 1 Link To Pic 2

 Original blog post link:  click here

Those three links are very important, because they repeat a tune that has been heard across many of you who have gone through great lengths to stand up for the truth. If planet x was a wild conspiracy theory, then why in the world are so many planet x researchers catching hell? 

A few of these problematic events include:

  • Computer glitches
  • Strange private messages on our YouTube channel
  • Death Threats
  • Someone attempting to access our personal information
  • YouTube accounts under attack & bans

Our work is clearly making someone upset, and why would they get upset if planet x was just fantasy? The mainstream media is already starting to hint at what is coming, and it is foolish to attack those trying to expose it because everyone will see it soon enough.

We will try to continue to write as much as we can, as personal circumstances have made this work difficult for us to continue, but continue we will! 🙂

We urge those of you who are reading this to be ready with food , water, and shelter, and understand that planet x is causing all the disruption we see with the weather patterns.

Click here to read what the MSM is saying.

Recent Pictures Taken

The first picture is crystal clear, we now have red skies showing directly west, north, and north west. This image was taken at sunset time facing directly west.  As a side note the entire skyline had streaks of red going across it that day, and no it is not normal.facing west at sunset timeThe sun is setting southwest this time of year in the state of Mississippi, do not be fooled by the doubters that say this is Venus or the sun, that is a lie to cover up the approach of biblical wormwood.

People continue to look at illuminati Kati Perri youtube videos, meanwhile the sky turns into blood. Speaking of skies turning into blood & music, have you ever read the lyrics to this 80’s song below?:

Red skies at night
Red skies at night
Whoa oh, oh oh oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh
Red skies at night
Red skies at night
Whoa oh, oh oh oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

Should have taken warning, it’s just
People mourning
Running, hiding, lost
You can’t find, find a place to go, so it’s

Red skies at night
Red skies at night
Whoa oh, oh oh oh oh
watch the youtube clip here

Someone’s taking over(NWO/Illuminati)
And it look like they’re aiming
Right at you
Someone said we’ll be dead by morning

red skies, red sky

In this photo what we can see is the sky turn red facing directly south-east,  in the morning time as the sun is rising in the east. There is no planet that generates that color that is native to our solar system. If someone says this is anything but the sun reflecting an intruder planet, they are lying to you.


image source

Pay close attention to who is actually giving you videos and pictures vs those who have an opinion based on absolutely nothing, zero, zip, nada, zilch!

Thank you Mr. Kostelac, this confirms what we have been capturing in the skies in the state of Mississippi looking towards the western sky at sunset time. In the mornings facing south-east we are also witnessing the sky turn a reddish color, and sometimes the entire sky in all directions turning this red/orange/pinkish color.


new madrid earthquake

In terms of earthquakes the new Madrid seismic zone is picking up in strength of earthquakes, as we have witnessed a 2.2 just today in the seismic zone. Earthquakes have increased, and fracking is making it worse, along with the presence of planet x.

Make no mistake about it, there is a rapid increase in earthquakes on the new madrid seismic zone and small quakes matter!

Strong earthquakes today included a magnitude 6.0 earthquake which struck in panama, which is just one of the many earthquakes taking place today.

In Bulgaria there was a strongly felt magnitude 4.4 earthquake which took place today, no damages to buildings or injuries in this event.



Mount Etna (Sicily Italy)continues to spew lava as the eruption began last December and is an on-going threat to residents living nearby. The Bardarbunga volcano continues to erupt with strong earthquake continuing.

Extreme Weather

Too many extreme weather events to report on, but we’ll keep short and simple for the sake of time:

  1. Major rainfall in California as 20 inches of rain falls.
  2. Temperatures in Britain plunge below Minus 11 .
  3. In st. John N.B a state of emergency was declared due to snow fall.


In closing we would like to highlight the following quote from Aristotle which states:

We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.
Aristotle Onassis


Earthshiftx is an independent researcher, that doesn't rely on funding by any mainstream media outlets. I'm a regular guy on a mission for truth, righteousness and consciousness.


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