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So in the past few weeks we have been monitoring this meteor detection network in order to get a feel for what type of activity we are seeing at the present time. In the past 3 days we have seen the homepage chart, disappear from being online and readable.

Another interesting factor is that the readings on the S.P.A.M network have been strong, even though one of the main monitor is down at the time.

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The above image shows clearly that at the present time, meteors are coming into our atmosphere, and they are filling up the charts over at We do find it interesting that there has been a slight slowdown of reporting of fireballs at the american meteor society, and now the website is not showing meteors on the homepage.

Keep in mind, this is one of the more active monitors for meteors, and for some reason it is not shown? During the biggest year for meteor reports ever? It all sound a bit suspicious.

6.8 Earthquake Shakes The Gulf Of California

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The good news about this earthquakes is that there was no tsunami reported. The months of September and October have seen significant earthquake events, over and over again.

Here is a list of just a few of the significant earthquake events according to the U.S Geological survey:

Significant EarthquakesPast 30 Days

  1. 6.5 75km SW of Etchoropo, Mexico2013-10-19 17:54:56 UTC8.0 km deep
  2. 6.8 64km WSW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea2013-10-16 10:31:00 UTC54.1 km deep
  3. 7.12 km NE of Catigbian, Philippines2013-10-15 00:12:32 UTC20.0 km deep
  4. 6.4 30km W of Platanos, Greece2013-10-12 13:11:52 UTC36.2 km deep
  5. 6.13 3km N of Gueiria, Venezuela2013-10-12 02:10:29 UTC79.4 km deep
  6. 4.9 52km WNW of Eureka, California2013-10-11 23:05:37 UTC8.7 km deep
  7. 6.3 87km NNE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand2013-10-11 21:24:58 UTC146.5 km deep
  8. 6.4 113km SE of Amsterdam Island,2013-10-04 17:26:13 UTC12.9 km deep
  9. 6.7 Sea of Okhotsk2013-10-01 03:38:21 UTC578.2 km deep
  10. 6.5 78km NE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand2013-09-30 05:55:55 UTC42.1 km deep
  11. 6.8 84km NNE of Awaran, Pakistan2013-09-28 07:34:06 UTC12.0 km deep
  12. 7.1 46km SSE of Acari, Peru2013-09-25 16:42:43 UTC40.0 km deep
  13. 7.7 63km NNE of Awaran, Pakistan

The 188 day theory looks to be fact here, as we have seen a significant uptick in earthquakes as of late. Basically, the 188 day theory says that there is an object in space, that lines up with our planet, and that electromagnetic portal connection tugs on our planet as it lines up with our planet.

You can watch the video of this explanation in the video below:


Massive Landslide Events Continue

The following is another landslide event which took place in Japan:



Train Derailments Continue

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In Gainford Alta, a train caryying crude oil and liquefied petroleum gas has derailed in Gainford, 86 km west of Edmonton. 100 People had to evacuate as the train cars exploded and threatened those living in the area, which then set off a state of emergency.

“Three of the pressurized LPG cars are involved in the fire. The four derailed crude oil cars are intact and there are no indications of any weakness,” said Chandler.


There was no report on how this train derailed, which is an ongoing theme for these trains that are derailing regularly.

In Argentina today, there was a  train that crashed and derailed, leaving 80 people injured from the event.

“Jorge Ramirez, a chef who got on the train nine stations before the end of the line, told the AP news agency the accident was “a tragedy”.

“I saw people hurt, shouting, others thrown on the floor. The people in the first wagon ended up piled on top of each other,” he said. –

Even though these events will be brushed off as normal by the establishment media, the frequency and scale of these events are off the chart. Combine these train derailments with the massive preparation by authority figures, and you have a recipe for a celestial body that could be on the way, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


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