On January the 4th 2014, I looked up at the moon at exactly 5:43 p.m Central Standard Time in the state of Mississippi, and facing west, I could see the moon right between the trees in the south-west position. On January the 4th, 2014 I looked up at the moon at 5:10 p.m and it was at the 2:00 position when facing directly south.

As soon as I saw this large difference in the moon position I decided to put my location, as well as time of day into two different astronomy software’s and I found out that the moon was supposed to be at the horizon line south-west.

Let’s first take  a look at what I found when I entered in the time of day, and date in question in the stellarium software:


 Ok, so when I witnessed this, I thought to myself hmm….  something is clearly not right here, why is stellarium telling me that the moon is supposed to be near the horizon line slightly to the south-west position, yet I’m noticing the moon to the south west, higher in the sky?

I was kinda shocked at that point, so I thought how can I double verify that something is just not right. Then I thought about an online software that shows the stars at night, and I Google searched and found starry night pro online.

moon, position

So after the Google search I clicked on this link, and started placing my information in the program and I noticed that starry night online has the moon in the same position.



Ok, so skeptics will be quick to say that there is a time difference, but even with the time difference, the moon was still high in the sky south-west even with the different times that I placed in both of these programs. I was looking directly at the moon when I witnessed all of this, and I had my software out at the same time.

Videos & Pictures Of This

The number one reason why I can’t show pictures, or video is because I don’t have my equipment yet. But anyone can start checking where the moon is supposed to be using stellarium or starry night pro in the area they live in. Please perform research and do not take this article as 100% proof, for me I have all the proof I need to see that something is not right here.

I was told to use both stellarium and starry night pro, because I was supposedly “seeing venus” and everything was normal. So once more people come forth and start saying what they are seeing, it will be clear that something is wrong.


I found a list of interesting articles about the slowing earth’s rotation, here is the link where you can find more information (link). So for me, it is 100% fact that something is not right with the moon position, and it looks as if the earths rotation is slowing down just like the zetatalk.com website states.

An ongoing investigation is well underway into what is happening here, and I will continue to report on what I am seeing in the skies and on the ground.

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