In New York, there are reports of mysterious booms taking place for the last two years. According to Randy Smith a resident in western New York :

“Three times in a row I heard it,” Smith said. “It sounds as loud as a sonic boom. Maybe louder. As soon as it goes off, the dog starts growling and gets startled.” –

Residents cannot figure out where this boom is coming from, and last year they heard the booms about 10 times, which you can hear at night sometimes and during the day.

As of late, booms have taken place on a much more frequent basis, with Oklahoma reportedly hearing unusual booms and explosions.

In states such as Utah, emergency dispatchers have been reporting earth booms as well as shaking of the earth as well as homes in the area. As highlighted from a researcher on YouTube, the earth booms have no relation to Tannerite from 16 year old kids:


The researcher that put together this information has several different points that highlight why all of this could be potentially happening. Looking at the most recent news from the website we can see that giant earth fissure opened up in Correntina  Brazil:

brazil 1

This event took place in late February, and prosecutor Douglas Roberto Ribeiro investigated the reasons for why this event took place, in the northeast of the Goias State. Could the earth booms have something to do with the earth moving? It is possible, especially when you see these type of land cracks form all of the sudden.

Sinkhole Buyouts Pending For Louisiana Sinkhole Home Owners


The company that is responsible for the Assumption Parish disaster in Louisiana will offer buyouts to residents whose homes are in a swampy area near the sinkhole.

According to many scientists the sinkhole formed after the collapse of an underground salt cavern which is operated by Houston-based Texas brine CO. LLC. 350 people have been under an evacuation order, with many of them displaced for more than seven months, with no end in sight.

“What we’re looking forward to is trying to get some relief for the residents of Bayou Corne who have been fighting this for seven months, who have been relocated, living in trailer parks and other locations outside their home. And we want these people to have the financial wherewithal to be able to relocate and move on with their lives,” said Assumption Parish Police Jury President Marty Triche, who attended Wednesday’s meeting. –

An interesting point to highlight about this entire situation is the sinking that is taking place, notice how the trees are being literally sucked into the ground, as the sinkhole widens and eats up more land.

Here is a video of some of the most recent news and images from the region:


Earthquake Activity 

According to the U.S Geological Survey, there was a magnitude 2.8 earthquake that took place Saturday afternoon at 2:39 p.m with the tremor centered 5 miles northwest of Prague, 6 miles southeast of Sparks and 18 miles northeast of Shawnee. There are no reports of damages or injuries at the time. The earthquake was listed at 3.2 in magnitude and centered five miles south of southwest Boley.

There was another earthquake that struck Auckland in New Zealand today, and was the biggest earthquake since February 2007. The Quake took place at 4:05 p.m and was measured at 5 kilometers deep. The intensity of the earthquake was moderate, with no reports of damages or loss of life to report.

Volcanic Activity 

A small explosive eruption took place this morning in Indonesia at around 08:05 local time, which generated a small ash plume rising a few hundred meters above the crater. The Marapi volcano, which is one of the most active in Sumatra, produced explosions along with ash plumes reaching 1 kilometeres in height since August of 2011. The Cordoban and Monte Grande canyons in the southwestern as well as southern flanks are at an increased risk.

An earthquake has also taken place at the dormant New Zealand volcano near Auckland, which was the 3.9 we reported above. The City of Auckland is built on a field of 40  volcanoes, the youngest which blew up 700 years ago.

The Shiveluch volcano is yet another volcano that has released ash plumes reaching 6 kilometers above sea level(19,685 ft).


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