Well, there are no shortages of earth change headlines to get into, as it almost seemed as if the end of the world is taking place. The meteorite that hit the Urals in Russia was the equivalent of a 2.7 earthquake. There are now reports of over 1,200 people injured and over 3,000 buildings damaged with two people currently in the intensive care unit from the injuries suffered.

This meteorite was moving 1 million miles per second, which was too fast for it to be intercepted by a man made missle.

This event is big news, even though some down play it as “normal” or how about the famous quote of ” Meteors hit the earth all the time”.  This is an international event that didn’t just take place in Russia.

“The asteroid probably traveled for a year before it burst into the atmosphere Friday. As yet, no fragments have been recovered, but experts believe the asteroid was rocky in nature, and not formed of dense iron and nickel. The fact that the asteroid hit on the same day that the world was anticipating the close flyby of a larger asteroid, 2012 DA14, was an extraordinary coincidence.

The smaller asteroid was traveling in a very different trajectory and much more quickly than DA14, indicating they were no  t related, according to Paul Chodas, research scientist in the Near-Earth Object Program office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge. “I would call this a tiny asteroid,” Chodas said. “This is the largest recorded event since the Tunguska explosion in 1908.”

According to the LA Times article ” The asteroid probably traveled for a year before it burst into the atmosphere Friday”. So then why in the world wasn’t this object detected a long time ago? Then we have military coming in to “clean up”, blocking the area off shortly after impact, which makes us more suspicious.

Here is the latest update about the meteor from a YouTube researcher and analyst:

If this asteroid was tiny as mentioned by NASA, then what would a little bit larger asteroid do to the earth? The answer is, it would be one of the most devastating events to take place on earth in a very long time. Remember the event that took place today was one of the largest meteor impacts since 1908, so if this is the case, something new has to be taking place in space, to make this rock come out from what seems nowhere and cause over 1200 people to be injured.

We Will Not Be Warned 


If this meteor could not be detected, as well as the other meteors in the sky that displayed themselves in Japan, San Francisco  and Cuba, then what else in space could potentially not be detected or told to the general public? That is the question of the day to our readers.


In the Philippines, there was a 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Saturday near the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. There were no reports of damages or loss of life for the tremor, which took place at 12:37 p.m local time. No tsunami warning or watch has been issued for the area.

The earthquake that took place today was the 20th major earthquake event to hit the planet in the month of February. There was an additional 5.7 magnitude earthquake that hit New Zealand off the North Island.

 Volcanic Activity 

stromboli, north east crater, volcano


The Stromboli volcano in Italy continues to overflow from the North east crater (shown above). There are also strong explosions that take place at times.

In Pacay Guatemala the volcano in the area has reports of residents that have heard explosion sounds overnight.

Some Good News About The Louisiana Sinkhole

940,000 barrels of liquid butane has been removed from the storage cavern inside the Napoleaonville Dome in northern Assumption Parish, while removal continues in the only other cavern holding natural gas in the salt dome, a parish official said on Friday.

The removal of the gas has been well under way shortly after the sinkhole, which is now 8.6 acres in size. Hopefully there will be a prevention of a major explosion taking place now that it is being handled. However, there is still a threat of other salt domes collapsing, so this story will continue to be monitored in the future.

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