More Shallow Earthquakes Felt Than Ever Witnessed & News Headlines For 11/12/2016




Within the past 24 hours there has been a total of: 17 earthquakes that have been felt , with 3 earthquakes felt in a large zone. The areas where these earthquakes took place

include in the following territories:



The deepest earthquake was felt in Western Honshu, Japan measuring 4.1 in magnitude or 356 kilometers in depth, followed by the 2.8 earthquake felt in Central Italy.

Strongest earthquake struck near the coast of Honshu Japan measuring 6.2 in magnitude.  The rarest earthquake for the day took place in Hawaii just 50 minutes ago measuring 5.0 in magnitude.

11 testimonies came in for the 3.7 earthquake which struck in Greece, at a shallow 2km. One witness had the following to say about the event:

I was already awake. Short one, slight shake.-emsc

Several people reported being woken up in Greece after this earthquake struck.

There have been a total of 55 earthquakes felt within the past 72 hours and counting, with the latest earthquake felt in Guerrero Mexico(4.4).

What does this mean? Earthquakes are being felt near the surface more than usual, so this is a time to be ready for tremors more than ever before in recent history.


Eruptions are reported happening in Kamchatka Russia, Mt Sinabung in Sumatra Indonesia, Bromo In East Java Indonesia, Halmahera in Indonesia, and Turrialba in Costa Rica. lakes

A new article out of live science is reporting a massive amount of water locked up in molten rock beneath Cerro Uturuncu volcano(South America). The amount  of water beneath the volcano is enough to fill up Lake Superior.source

 Numerology Behind Trump Selection


The anti-trump rallies are taking place across the U.S.A, and interestingly enough there was a report about a Simpsons cartoons predicting the U.S.A to be broke, and a Donald J Trump victory:

16 years ago an episode of the Simpsons revealed that after the trump presidency the country would be broke. Let’s take a look at the numerology behind this, to see if this was scripted to happen.

First off it is 2016 which is interesting, “The Simpsons” = 49 in pythagorean numerology(Earliest form of numerology).  Twin Towers = 49 in pythagorean, and the Trump towers are in New York.

Type in the name “James L Brooks” (producer of the simpsons) in the pythagorean numerology calculator and you get 41, and then type “Fourty One” and you get 49, twin towers = 49.

  • Donald J Trump = 49

The director of the episode “Bart To The Future” is named Dan Greaney = 49 in pythagorean numerology.

George Meyer one of the commentators = 69, type out ” Sixty Nine” = 49

In this episode the the only gig that Bart can get is at a beach bar owned by Nelson Muntz, nelson muntz = 47 just like President = 47.

The showrunner in this episode is “Mike Skully” = 40 in pythagorean, and the word “Victory”  =40 in pythagorean. This episode of course showed a victory of donald trump, that is not coincidence.

Keep in mind James L Brooks comes from a Jewish family and in the world of Zionism, it is ok to lie to non-jews.

The original episode entitled “Bart to the Future”  aired on March 19th, 2000, and the date of the election was 11/08/2016. This totals 6078 | 6+7+8 = 21, Saturn = 21 and the Zionist Jews worship Saturn the keeper of time.

 When you add up the days months and years that equals 43, so does “watchtower” just like zions Watchtower from the Jehovah’s witnesses in new York, and the word illuminatus = 43 the Latin name for illuminati.

  • 43 is the 14th prime number which is a number that can only be divided by 1 and itself.

How The Zionist Jews Scripted This All Out

Looking at the numerology all of the words below synced with the number 49:

The Simpsons, Twin Towers, James L Brooks, Donald Trump, Dan Greaney, and George Meyer. This clearly shows the show was scripted to fit Donald Trump.

Did you know that you could have donated $49 dollars to his campaign on his website:


This is absolute scripting by the numbers, and it is in your face.

The place where Bart can only get a gig in the episode = 47 just like Victory, so at this point you probably would have known that a victory was coming for Trump, because Donald Trump synced up with many different names of the writers and producers.

If you would have looked at the New York connections you would have figured out that it was Donald J Trump would be the next President.

Remember the episode of the Simpsons that predicted the twin towers falling before September 11th 2001?


So with September 11th we also had this Bart Simpson reference to the towers and 911:


This is not a coincidence no matter what anybody tells you, so, let’s continue on with this recent per-predictive programming event.


If you look at the image above you can also see what looks to be two towers in the building design, there is no space in between them like the twin towers but it is interesting to me.

Remember, the word election = 38 just like Jew = 38, so if you were looking for a winner you would have taken the Zionist jew run media source for clues.




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