In DeLand florida a sinkhole swallowed a large tree and a portion of a fence in the area. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said the sinkhole opened near Mill Road and State Road 17. The hole is estimated to be between 32 feet and 30 feet deep.




A sinkhole in Oxford Alabama appeard this week on the grounds of a retail development known as the Oxford Commons.

The site was once part of the old antebellum Davis Farm and archaeologists say it was a Native American Villiage before that.

A publix spokesperson says the chain still expect to open their store by the end of February. The store is several hundred feet from the sinkhole and it is not believed to be threatened by it.




Of course the United States is not the only region with a recent history of giant sinkholes develop in a short period of time. In 2010 and in the present we have seen massive sinkholes form.


A 65 foot wide 262 foot sinkhole formed on June 11th 2010 in a village that had many residents in the area terrified at what could be taking place.

According to Nancy Lieder and the zetas plate movement is the reason why so many sinkholes have been opening up in the past few years. Here is her explanation for the plate movement that we see in China:

” What is causing this rash of sinkholes across southern China? Notice the Provinces involved, and their location – Sichuan Province, where the pressure from the subducting Indo-Australian Plate is greatest, and Jiangxi and Hunan and Guangxi provinces strung out in a region affected by breaking rock where the tongue of the Eurasian Plate housing Indonesia is breaking off. The Sichuan basin sits atop the Himalayas, in an area where the Himalayas are pushing east.

A major fault line, the Xianshuihe fault, runs through the area. Satellite views show the rumpled mountains of the Himalayas in relation to the location of the recent Sichuan sinkholes.

In 2007 in Guangxi Province 100 sinkholes suddenly appeared. But these sinkholes have only started to appear in these numbers since Planet X began jerking the Earth around in a daily wobble. Per the Zetas, there is not only a relationship, there is a cause and effect, absolutely.”


You would think that the mainstream media would be discussing the overall increase in the sheer amount of sinkholes, that have formed, but there is just reports on the incidents separately. A special report that talks about the recent activity would be nice, but that is what is for right?

Let’s look at more devastating incidents of sinkholes shall we?


On Wednesday January the 23rd, a large sinkhole forced officials to close a chairlift that covers about

10 percent of Byne Mountain Resort’s skiable acres. The Superbowl chairlift at the resort, located in the northern part of the Lower Peninsula, is closed after a snow making water pipe failed, according to the official story the water pipe caused the sinkhole to form,

“causing significant erosion and the collapse of one tower on the chairlift,” according to a message on the resort’s website,

sinkhole 6


On January the 19th 2013 a car caught in the wrong place at the wrong time was almost swallowed by a sinkhole. According to officials:

“We aren’t certain (what caused the sinkhole),” said Unified Fire Capt. Fernando Rivero. “We can hear water running, and that’s all we know at this point. We aren’t able to get close enough to determine whether its a leak or just water running under there.”


Florida is one of the main regions of the sinkhole problem, so it will be interesting to see what takes place next in the gulf of mexico region, as the bayou corne sinkhole in Louisiana continues to grow as well.



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