What Happens?

What happens when you can’t explain the light sources, and the movement of the light sources to the sky? You have people who have questions, people who want to know what is going on, and why are the skies filled with a red haze in all directions at sunset and sunrise at times?

What happens when rivers turn blood-red, disease outbreaks, people feeling fatigued, volcanic activity increases, earthquake activity increases, and the weather becomes close to unpredictable? You have people who ask questions.

What happens when a secondary magnetic source is affecting earth, with a second solar wind? Well, people ask questions.  All of this is happening and the fact that we have credible astronomers in their field of study , mention that there is a high chance of our sun to have a binary partner, it is wise to listen.

At the moment we are feeling earthquakes in the Mississippi area with another large black helicopter flying over during the daytime this time.  You simply don’t perform these amount of drills unless you know you will need them.

The next couple of months will be interesting to say the least, thanks for stopping by and stay tuned…

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