When trying to research whether something is real or true there is a lot of homework to do, and it is not something that can be done in a day. Today, let’s address some issues with the subject of planet x, and what issues are very difficult to debunk or debate.

Robert S Harrington


Robert S Harrington was  Chief Naval Astronomer at Nasa’s Naval Observatory, His father was an archaeologist, and he was a strong believer in the existence of planet x beyond pluto. Harrington collaborated with Tom Van Flandern in searching for the location of the 10th planet.

In Robert S. Harrington’s research paper entitled  ” The Location Of Planet X”  he mentions the following at the very beginning of the paper:

Planet x 1Click here to read the report

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Harrington goes on to say the following,  at the end of the paper saying ” I would like to thank Tom van Flandern who first convinced me that planet x might be real.:

might be realNow this is a debunkers nightmare, here we have a chief naval astronomer saying it might be real, and if it exists at all, where it could be found. Ok , so at this point there is not one person on the internet who can make the claim that planet x never existed!

Not one single debunker or writer on the entire internet can say planet x doesn’t exist at all. When you search Google on the subject of planet x you might get all of these astronomy websites talking about how planet x is not real and doesn’t exist, and that is claiming absolute certainty, without disputing the man who said it could be real (Robert S Harrington).

Perform a search using everyone’s favorite reference website wikepedia.org and you will find that there is very little information on him, and a link to his obituary and a few other links, but no deep detail like you usually see for other people and subjects.

What we would like the reader to do is simply look at the difference in the amount of information you receive in wikepedia for justin beiber compared to Robert S Harrington

Click here for beiber | Click here for harrington

The only thing that people can conclusively say is that it is a possibility, but we cannot say that planet x is 100% fact unless there is someone else who can present that it is 100% fact.  Next, let’s talk about another astronomer who was above average with his predictions and analysis.

Carlos Munoz Ferrada

Not one person, can dispute this man, using bad excuses and saying Ferrada was off his rocker is not evidence. The fact that the areas in which Ferrada spoke about are active with earthquake and volcanic activity just speaks volumes. If you cannot bring forth documents, paper work and research reports, then how in the world can you say hercolubus aka planet x does not exist?

If you type in planet x debunk or nibiru debunked you will get a lot of information on a lot of different websites, but none of them can show you detailed information as to why Robert S Harrington was wrong on his assumption that planet x might be real, neither can that tell you why Carlos was wrong in his prediction of hercolubus.

How can you try to debunk and dispute someone who had a track record as accurate, and well-respected?




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