From all of the research that we have conducted, planet x is real, very real. How do we know? For us, the evidence for the existence of this planet is overwhelming, and it is understandable that government leaders do not want to panic the public. You might wonder, why would the government allow planet X videos to be uploaded to video hosting websites such as youtube?

That is a good question, maybe the governments of the world want people to quietly prepare, instead of billions of people preparing for what is taking place, only a couple of hundred thousand people prepare, and there is no shortage of food and resources to be ready for a disaster. 

What has us so convinced that planet X is on its way, and more importantly, why do we think it could cause massive disasters and loss of life on earth? For that answer, we will highlight the top videos on planet x that go into detail on what we could be facing in a very short period of time from now:

Zeta Movie Part 1

Zeta Movie Part 2

Global Warming

Man made Co2 causing global warming and earth changes is only a tiny fraction of what is taking place on earth today. Many people do not understand that only one volcanic eruption can cause as much Co2 emissions as all of man-made Co2, and volcanoes have taken place since the early stages of earth.

Here is a video that Nancy Lieder put together that adds to this point:

Twisting Of The Earth’s Magnetic Field¬†


Here is another video that goes into detail about the twisting of the earth’s magnetic field:

The Ancients Speak Of Planet X

The ultimate answer to whether or not planet X will cause cataclysms is something only time will be able to verify, in the mean time, it’s important to take note of all the evidence, because yes, it is very, very overwhelming.

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