In Bentleyville Ohio dozens of dead birds were found dead in the Cleveland Metroparks wednesday.

“Our state wildlife officer received a report that there were some carcasses, bird carcasses, that had been dumped in the Cleveland Metroparks,” said Ohio Division of Wildlife spokesperson Jamey Emmert.

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The officer “found 25 Canada geese and 8 mallards. They don’t have any superficial wounds that we can see, so we’re not sure exactly how they perished but we’re going to look into it.”

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The dead carcasses had been thrown over an embankment off of Chagrin River Road into the park. Investigators located faint tire tracks in the snow and are looking for the people involved in the incident.

At the current time, samples of birds are being examined to find out exactly what happened.

Giant Crack Forms In Thailand’s West District













Dead Fish Wash Up On Coromandel Beaches

Dead fish, have washed up on Coromandel Peninsula beaches, and many fisheries authorities want to know how they got there.
The rotting carcasses are littered on beaches from the top of the coromandel Peninsula for about a 10km stetch, Newstalk ZB reported.

Many Fishery authorities want to hear from anyone who has an idea of what took place.

Here is what the manager Brendon Mikkelsen says about the fish:

“There is a significant volume of snapper and we’re currently investigating it. The positive is that we have some witnesses coming forward so we’re speaking to those witnesses.”

“We’re most interested in information from anybody that’s seen any activity at sea that’s associated with that fish, so obviously vessels in the area.”

Why These Animals Are Falling Out Of the Sky & Beaching Themselves

Something in space is causing the earth’s magnetic field to twist, this twisting affects animals. When an animal cannot find it’s way around, they become confused, tired, and dazed, and eventually die. Here is a quote from

“The Earth has a magnetosphere that affects the life of most creatures on Earth. Earth’s magnetism is very weak, from 0.3 gauss at the Equator to 0.7 gauss at the Poles. 

Researchers discovered magnetic bacteria living in the ponds and lakes, presenting a chain of magnetic crystals inside their cells. Those located in the Northern Hemisphere swim in the direction of the magnetic north, while those from the Southern Hemisphere swim in the direction of the magnetic south (these bacteria live in environments with poor oxygen supply).

Plant seeds do not germinate in Cosmos, as they must feel the terrestrial magnetic field so their cells can be activated. When seeds are put in a more powerful magnetic field than that of the Earth, a 15 % increase of the production was caused.” –

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A moderate but deep earthquake hit Japan today with no reports of injuries or loss of life. The earthquake that struck today was one of the strongest earthquakes to hit the area this year. According to officials the quake hit sixty four kilometers below sea level.

The earthquake began only twenty-seven miles east of Iwaki. The quake was also 34 miles east of Kitaibaraki and thirty-seven miles east of Takahagi. In other earthquakes to report today a 5.1 earthquake hit the Tonga area with no reports of damages, loss of life, or tsunami’s to report.

 Volcanic Activity


An interesting news report about an underwater volcano erupting was posted on

The volcano damaged undersea Poti-Novorossiysk-Sochi fiber-optic cable. Presumably the 160-kilometer-long cable is broken in four places.

“I think that this should be the eruption of an underwater volcano,” said Kote Samushia, CEO of cable-owner company.

According to the CEO, the damage on the main optical fiber cable Poti-Novorossiysk-Sochi was recorded on December 23.


On the 1st of January we reported a massive sinkhole swarm that struck the United States and China. Some reports have mentioned that the sinkhole was caused by a water main break, but when you look at what the eye witnesses have said it was strange because there was nobody standing in the area.

It remains to be seen whether or not people will begin to take note that something is going on with our earth, and there is a much bigger picture that is developing than what we are all being told by most media outlets.


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