On December 23, 2013 there was a news report on how cars in Texas were being coated with red dust. According to one witness:

[pull_quote_center]”It’s very strange to see all this red dirt on the cars and I’ve seen on many cars in front of me,” said Naveed Saqiab. [/pull_quote_center]

Another witness to the strange mystery dust mentioned that it was to early for the dust to simply be pollen because it was to early in the year. With all this being said, what could be causing this mystery dust? And is there a subliminal message inside the movie ” Night of the comet”?

Night Of The Comet And Mystery Dust



This movie peaked our interest because the similarities to this movie and what is happening right now is very, very interesting. Ok, so the basics of this movie is that a comet is coming and it wipes out most of humanity, with zombies and a few normal people being left over after the comet passes.

The only thing left over  is red dust from the people that once existed before the comet. Another thing noticeable are the zombies in the movie,combine this with the billion dollar companies today, which are promoting zombies as highlighted by the courageous nerdz youtube channel.


During most of the movie you will notice that the skies have turned red, and there is even a second sun that shows in the movie. In real life, we have notice red skies during sunset, and right before sunset, second sun sightings, with some clouds turning red not even near the sun. It’s interesting that we have a news report of this red dust, and also red skies, and the passing of comet ison, lovejoy, and Encke.

This is not to say that the mystery dust in Texas, means that the world is going to end, but when you look at the real sightings people are viewing, one has to wonder if this was some type of pre-warning to something. You can watch the Night Of The Comet movie in the youtube video below:

So What Is This Mystery Dust In Texas?

According to the courageous nerdz channel on youtube, the mystery dust is from the long tail of planet x. Which is supposed to be made up of red iron oxide dust, here is an image of what red iron oxide dust compared to the dust found on cars in Texas:

dust 2


It’s clear that the red iron oxide dust looks nothing like the dust on the cars in Texas, according to Meteorologist Mario Gomez

[quote_box_center]“This is probably not an alien born phenomenon, but in fact something closer to Earth,” Gomez said. “Most likely source is dust that is hurled up in the atmosphere down in Mexico.”- www.khou.com[/quote_box_center]

Of course no one will know for sure, unless both the red dust from some of the cars in Texas and red iron oxide dust was put underneath a microscope, so you can come to the best conclusion possible in this case. For sure, the zombies included in some of the advertisements are very awkward, and it is interesting that people are noticing very red skies, as well as comets that just recently passed through our solar system.

On top of this, we have a dramatic increase in fireballs, natural disasters which are increasing in intensity and scale, and a massive preparation and military build up in 2013. This is all is really happening in real life, so once again one has to wonder.

Will anything happen? Nobody knows for sure, but the red dust, and fireballs we are seeing in the sky, add up to an interesting discussion at any dinner party.


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