It’s been a wild ride for earthquakes as of late, with a 7.7 earthquake in the past week, and a swarm of earthquakes that also took place recently.  In Eureka California a magnitude 3.0 earthquake tool place at 7.55 a.m Pacific time at a depth of 13.7 miles. According to the U.S geological survey.

The epicenter of the earthquake was 39 miles from Eureka and 173 miles from Sacramento. In the last 10 days, there have been two earthquakes measuring 3.0 and greater nearby.

In louisa county a magnitude 2.0 earthquake took place at 6:35 p.m about six tenths of a mile east of Louisa, some 43 miles northwest of Richmond.The epicenter was 3.2 miles below the ground’s surface , and there was no damages or loss of life.



The Etna volcano in Sicily is showing new activity in Bocca Nuova. At around 1:00 am local time, eruptive activity, most likely strombolian eruptions from the eastern vent, resumed in the Bocca Nuova, accompanied by a a rise in tremor activity. Some of the images of the volcano indicate that the activity gradually increased until about 3:15 and then stabilized.
Some of the new lava flows occurred this night and this morning eastern side of the SE crater. Strong detonations from large exploding magma bubbles could be fect and head in a nearby village, rattling doors and windows.
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Nancy Lieder And The Zeta’s


The woman who claims to channel aliens does not look so crazy after all, with all of the recent developments that have taken place on mother earth. While the general public was distracted with mayan prophecies, calendars, and the end of the world, Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s reported what was actually taking place on earth.

From the high tides, and the rising sea levels in Florida, to the earth’s current wobble and the sunset setting in different areas, all the evidence is starting to add up nicely for the claims that the Zeta aliens and Nancy lieder have stated on their websites and videos.

The recent article posted on Nancy lieder’s website suggests that the earth’s wobble is becoming more obvious,quote:

“Tides and weather extremes also demonstrate the wobble but are not recognized as such by the public because the establishment is denying an Earth wobble even exists.

For instance, during the Christmas season temperature extremes had Siberia in record breaking cold while Europe was having an early Spring – simultaneously, and all at the same latitude.

The wobble causes Siberia to tilt up when the N Pole of Earth is pushed away by magnetic hosing from Planet X, when the Sun is over the Pacific. Thus, Siberia gets less sunlight. The wobble then tilts the globe so Europe is drawn closer to the Equator.” –poleshift.ning

Here are images that refer to exactly what Nancy Lieder is talking about:



Here is further explanation of the earth’s wobble:


“The wobble causes sloshing in the oceans. During a late December, 2012 severe wobble, such sloshing was blamed on King Tides, but the Moon was not overhead, simultaneously, on all parts of the globe.

Record breaking flooding from Scotland to California to Samoa was blamed on King Tides, as noted in this Pole Shift blog,…
but it was beyond what a King Tide can accomplish. Meanwhile, at the same time, the Mississippi is likely to freeze over, as it is at historic lows! The Zetas explain. “

wobbleAll the evidence is adding up quickly, and those that try to dubunk the potential existence of planet X, now look very, very suspicious.

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