With the recent Russian meteor being an eye opener for Nasa, the agency now wants to grab a small asteroid and tow it into orbit around the moon, which is a long range plan to establish permanent manned outposts in space, according to a US senator.

Senator Bill Nelson said that to get the project off the ground the president will propose funding for Nasa, at the tune of $100 million dollars in his 2014 budget, which

he submits to Congress on Wednesday.”This is part of what will be a much broader program,” the Florida Democrat said.

”It combines the science of mining an asteroid, along with developing ways to deflect one, along with providing a place to develop ways we can go to Mars.’Read more:

The idea is to have a robotic spacecraft capture the asteroid and tow it back towards earth, ultimately leaving it in a stable orbit around the moon, close enough that, within

eight years, astronauts could go there.

”It would be mankind’s first attempt at modifying the heavens to enable the permanent settlement of humans in space,”

This is almost a script out of a movie scene, where is Bruce Willis when you need him for this mission? Could there be a threat that the public is not being told about, or is this $100 million dollar mission simply a normal space mission? There is room for speculation but the fact remains that this an interesting story to say the least.

Volcanoes on Jupiter’s Moon Io Are All Wrong

The hundreds of volcanoes located on Jupiter’s moon lo aren’t where they are supposed to be located according to scientists in a recent article. Lo’s major

volcanic activity is concentrated 30 to 60 degrees farther east than models of its internal heat profile  according to a recent study, volcanic Jupiter moon lo is

even more mysterious than researchers had previously thought.

“The unexpected eastward offset of the volcano locations is a clue that something is missing in our understanding of Io,” study lead author Christopher Hamilton, of the University of Maryland, said in a statement. “In a way, that’s our most important result. Our understanding of tidal heat production and its relationship to surface volcanism is incomplete.” –

Jupiter’s lo is the most volcanic bodies in the entire solar system, boasting activity 25 times that of earth. One of lo’s volcanoes blast plumes of sulfur and

other material 250 miles above the moon, which is completely resurfaced every million years or so.


In wash Washington earthquake struck today just south of Seattle, During the predawn morning hours in the Puget sound region.The 3.5 magnitude earthquake erupted at 1:57 am today.

The quake posted a nominal depth. It started only thirteen miles below sea level. According to the U.S geological survey, the quake started four miles southeast of Allyn-Grapeview.

The quake began seven miles west of Artondale and nine miles west of Gig Harbor. Officials report to the news that the quake started sixteen miles west of Tacoma, and twenty-nine miles southwest of Seattle.

Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes according to the U.S geological survey’s live feed.

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.0 111km NNE of Visokoi Island, 55.732°S 26.722°W 17.2
5.4 184km ESE of Pagan, Northern Mariana Islands 17.414°N 147.351°E 31.6



There is a powerful earthquake swarm that started a week ago continues at the Tjornes fracture zone just north of Iceland, but at a reduced intensity compared to April 2nd when the large magnitude 5.4 quake took place. Each day, hundreds of earthquakes have been taking place during the last 2 days.

The earthquake swarm is the result of the release of tectonic stress which has accumulated in the crust and is being released

at the moment. Ash emissions have become more frequent since the fourth of April at the Galeras volcano in Columbia, the Pasto observatory has reported daily small explosions since then. This marks a significant increase in activity.

The Sabancaya volcano in Peru has experienced seismic activity that has decreased at the volcano, according to the latest press release of IGP.





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