The Cascadia Subduction zone is long overdue for a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. An earthquake of  that magnitude would  trigger a tsunami, and could make  emergency supplies unreachable to 1.2 million people.

The national guard is currently making preparations for an overdue earthquake event in Cascadia. This potential mega quake just as powerful than the San Andreas fault, and the guard is making a joint operation to bring in a portable pier if needed. source

Yet another drill for a natural disaster, and the new madrid was recently in the news as being an imminent threat.

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Earth In Upheaval – The entire planet is going through a dramatic uptick in earthquakes at the moment. And that’s in both magnitude and frequency, with the geological services downgrading, removing, and not including significant earthquake events.

This action is clearly proving that officials do not want people to worry when things unfold, and they are doing their best to keep people from getting uncomfortable.

We are urging our readers and followers to prepare the best they can for a natural disaster.

We do not know when exactly this event will happen, but what we can say is that all of the pieces of the planet x puzzle are coming together and it does not look good.

Key things we are tracking:

  • Economic Collapse
  • Indo-Australian Plate
  • Large Scale Drills
  • Signs In The Skies

Economic Collapse – Most people agree that the economy will collapse , and some are predicting in short order. Before the planet x crossing there will need to be martial law in place, and a sudden economic collapse could cause martial law to be enacted.

The debt that has been building up over the years will come due at some point, and just like we are seeing a fall-out in Greece, it will spread to rapidly throughout the world. read more

Indo-Australian Plate – We highlighted how the indo-australian plate is seeing a significant increase in large earthquake events, and when the 7 of 10 sequence takes place this is where the first domino will fall.

Even the most hardcore planet 7x/x skeptic should understand that the earth has several faults and volcanoes that are simply overdue for eruptions and shifts.

Yellowstone super volcano is showing signs of life and could erupt at any time, Cascadia fault, and new Madrid will be devastating earthquake events. Of course these are just a few of the threats that we are facing at the moment, and it’s just wise to be at the ready.

Large Scale Drills – Jade helm is happening across the United States, and will be one of the premier drills happening in July which is right around the corner. More natural disaster drills will most likely take place as the weather continues to worsen worldwide.

Signs In The Skies – There are increased signs in the skies, as stated on , this will be on the rise as we await the return of planet x. The red skies won’t be able to be covered up, and neither will the strange clouds.

In the Mississippi area we have a large increase in chemical trails,which make it extremely difficult to view anything in the western sky at sunset time. Expect more of this , even though we believe it will be a complete waste of time when planet x is visible to all.

This is all bad news, but if you are reading this right now, you will position yourself nicely for the upcoming changes, and that’s why we write, make videos, research, and track the changes that are happening.

Good hearted people and those in the know will prevail in the face of disaster, and even though things will be harsh there will be great opportunities in the after time.





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