The Louisiana sinkhole continues to widen, as a new image taken on December 21st, 2012 reveals trees turning into stumps, and more liquification in the local area, which looks as if a fire blazed the region.

Just to put into perspective the size of the sinkhole and how large it has become, take a look at the images below:

louisiana sinkhole, bayou corne, assumption parish, texas brine, sinkhole


After the sinkhole developed, shortly after it continued to grow in size:

bayou corne


Here is the most recent image which reveals very little greenery in the area, as gas, oil, and other chemicals have gone into the air and killed plants and tree’s:

sinkhole, december 21st, 2012, The above image is absolutely incredible, when you really stop and look at the scale of what is taking place, the question is what will the area look like after another 5 months of sinking? And will there be any explosions in the area with the butane container being close by? As a safety precaution it is a smart idea to get out of the area, and if you already have made that decision your making a smart choice, as the situation does not look to be getting any better, and the company is still drilling in the area to add insult to injury.


This looks to be a mess, turning into a much larger mess, and we want to stress again that anyone living nearby should really think about evacuation plans immediately.

Here is an explanation of the entire situation by Nancy Lieder – Zeta Report:


One man that has covered the Louisiana sinkhole has some brand new news:


An earthquake measuring magnitude 4.0 took place Monday, and was felt by residents living in 20 zip code areas, according to the U.S Geological Survey.

The earthquake was recorded at 8:28 a.m AKST/9:28 PST.

There was no damage reported in the area, and the National Weather Service program did not issue any tsunami warnings.



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Planet X Researchers Are Under Attack 

Many youtube viewers watch many videos about the existence of planet X, some information is disinformation, and some information is not. The difficult part is finding out what is factual information, and what is information that someone is using to confuse you, the reader/watcher.

For some strange reason, there are those who believed that planet X was going to pass by or hit the earth on December 21st 2012, and now those people are out in droves attacking planet X videos trying to make the point that planet X believers were wrong. But the reality is that nobody knows the exact date planet X will pass if it does, and if someone is claiming that they know the exact date, beware, they could be trying to fool you by mixing up factual information with disinformation.

As stated earlier, we try to stick to information that we can prove, and we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there has been a long list of strange events taking place on our earth. Here is a list of things that make us raise an eye brow:

listIf you add all of these strange events taking place on other planets, preparation taking place on planet earth by those in power, earth changes, and the twisting of earth’s magnetic field, you have to ask yourself what else other than a dense object in space could be causing all of this?

Certainly it can’t be man made global warming, as other planets with no humans  are tilting and warming up, so what could it be? And if planet X was real, what incentive would Nasa, otherwise known as (Never A Straight Answer) have to inform the public? Just like anyone who has seriously looked into the subject of planet X, we are looking for the facts and evidence, and we will leave dates and calendars to those who guess.

What Cannot Be Debunked

The super storms that are taking place and cannot be debunked, the dormant volcanoes that have been inactive for hundreds of years and suddenly are becoming active cannot be debunked, the earthquake increases, and sinkholes opening up across the world cannot be debunked.

The twisting of the earth’s magnetic field cannot be debunked, and neither can the thousands of animals found dead. Another strange event taking place are the blood red rivers, which are taking place due to the red iron oxide dust from the tail of planet X, according to Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s.


Our question to non-believers is what else, other than something from space could cause these events to all of the sudden take place?  Take note that all of these events have taken place across the world, not in just 1 central location, which backs up the claim made by Nancy Lieder and Zeta’s.  Eventually we will all see what takes place in our universe, and in the mean time prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.


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