arkansas, new madrid Today we have 1.6 magnitude earthquake which took place in Manila Arkansas, on the new Madrid seismic zone.  A home owner was injured in a gas explosion which took place near the new Madrid seismic zone in Paris TN.

paris tn gas explosion 2

The home owner had to be airlifted due to the injuries from the incident, and according to the home owner a set of gas  logs were installed, and when they were ignited the explosion took place. source

Taking a look at the magnitude 0 — 5 earthquake for the month of august 2014, we can see the worldwide earthquake events using the Usgs earthquake list below:

zero through five magnitude earthquakes for augustHere are a few recent stats for the new madrid seismic zone:

  • There were 35 earthquakes in total for the month of August 2014
  • 34 new madrid seismic zone earthquakes for the month of September, 2014
  • 17 total earthquakes on the new madrid seismic zone so far in October 17, 2014

In related news, the Rutherford county schools held an emergency drill on Thursday morning. The drill was to help with awareness
of the damaging and far reaching madrid seismic zone. A total of 500,000 people went under desks and tables  across Tennessee taking part in the drill.source

On the 16th of October there was a train derailment  new the  New Madrid Sesmic zone with in Washington County Arkansas. source

Other strong earthquakes include a 5.1 in Tonga , at deep 200 kilometers. Another deep 155 kilometer earthquake struck the Java Indonesia area measuring 5.2 in magnitude. Last but not least a magnitude 5.0 earthquake struck northeast of Ryuku islands. source

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Extreme Weather


Hurricane Gonzolo – At the current time tropical storm Gonzolo is hitting Bermuda with winds at 110 miles per hour. High winds and storm surge damage is something to watch out for in the area. A whopping 80% of the island chain has lost power, because of the hurricane. source

Hurricane Ana -The good news about ana is that it did not make a direct hit, however storms and other impacts are  important to still prepare for. source

Tropical Storm Trudy – Yet another tropical storm has formed on Friday, in teh Eastern Pacific 85 miles south-southeast of Acapulco Mexico. The storm is expected to generate as much as 6-12 inches of rain, and flash flooding in the area.

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