Interesting developments taking place near the coast of Honshu Japan today, as a powerful 6.9 earthquake struck the area.There was a small tsunami wave which took place without causing damage.

Speaking of tsunami’s, Japan apparently experienced a similar pattern to the earthquake events that took place today back in 2011(Find out more here).

An addition 6.7 struck on the Sandwich Islands region, at a shallow 10km in depth. The first big earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands area struck just a little over an hour before the large earthquake in Japan today.

An additional 5.8 earthquake struck in Japan just moments ago, at 04:46 UTC time.


We have now reached a time in history, where the earthquake and volcanic activity is getting very difficult to track.

One thing that makes tracking earth events even more difficult for researchers, is not being able to look at the monitors and data to see what is happening.

One strange recent development we found were the REV monitors not showing data on the Mississippi, USA monitors found here.

This is not a new occurrence and is happening on a regular basis in recent times.

New Madrid Activity


Two small earthquakes were recorded today on the New Madrid Seismic zone(1.2,| 1.3), which has without a doubt seen an increase in earthquakes.

On top of today’s activity, there was a new report from Youtuber Tom Lupshu who mentions in the video below about a corporation which received a large order for portable disaster morgues.

With the recent uptiick in new Madrid activity, this is an interesting development we will continue to watch. Here is what the Edgar Cayce map reveals about this area:


Area Map

Japan Quake

Sandwich Islands

As we can see from this map the middle of the United States is split, so if there were some type of major disaster in this area that the establishment run media is not telling us all about, we should see some serious preparation around the New Madrid Zone.

While the thought of a terrible event happening is concerning, it would be great if we knew more details about Tom’s friend , but with the recent developments taking place with earth changes we wouldn’t be shocked about anything at this point.

A little about Edgar Cayce, he was a well known sleeping prophet from Kentucky who made future predictions which came true for the most part.

In a strange twist of events there was a report from, that the Langley Virginia Cia Office shut down recently mysteriously(read here).

cia head quarters,
What’s interesting about this story is that this city is near a coastline.

The timing is interesting to coincide with what Tom Lupshu brought out in his video.

If his source is correct, then we could be looking at what many planet x researchers have long suspected, the beginning of some type of shutdown of government agencies and marshall law as Bob Fletcher brought out in his Alex Jones interview.

Are we witnessing the beginning of the total U.S shutdown? What will happen when billions of people wake up to the reality of what we are all facing? Only time will tell, but in the mean time being prepared is what matters most with so much going on at the moment.

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