We have have some very exciting photo’s from Barney Winner , taken in the United Kingdom. Every now and then you find a group of photo’s that are very interesting, and you just have to do a double take.

Below is the original image:

original image


Here is the astronomical reference using the exact same coordinates and viewing time using Starry Night Sky Chart:


starry night


The color enhanced photo is below, showing multiple objects around the sun:

capture 2

Below is the original image and the color enhanced image on a side by side comparison using Lightroom 5:


side by side

Based upon the photo’s taken by viewers like you and the photo’s that we have taken, we believe strongly that this is a mini solar system coming into our solar system.

Here is the original link to Bartney Winner’s facebook page: link

Yowusa.com does a good job of explaining what we are seeing , and why the captures are happening in different areas of the sky, and  why we do not see this in the same location.



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