The two sunset videos are now starting to come in from YouTube, as people start to notice the red sunsets and the longer than normal sunsets. Here are a few videos from just this week alone below:


Viewer discretion is advised in the below video:



The red skies are far from normal, unless the sun now can turn red, there is something else out there causing these red sunsets.

Planet X Photo’s

The following image is from, we inverted the image in Ms paint, and found that this object is as dense as the sun, and shows the same color as the sun, a lens flare would not show the same color as the sun. If someone declares that this is a lens flare, then we can declare that the sun is lens flare, because both dots share the same color.


Planet X Photo From A Reader

Kudos to the planet X capture here from a reader, with one of the photo’s taken without a filter, and another photo taken with a filter, showing the object at the 6:00 position to the sun.

11-19 069

 The following is an inverted version of the above image done with ms paint, and once again we can see that the object below the sun has the same color as the sun inverted:

planet , nibiru, planet x,

In the following image we have a filter that was placed on the camera:

11-19 088The image blow reveals a trail behind the object that is below the sun:

trailCertainly not a lens flare, here we have the object with the same color density as the sun. Below is inverted image of the original:



The Winged Globe Video

Last but not least, the video below show’s more interesting video footage out of the Neumayer station. This video shows what looks to be a winged globe below the sun:


Here is an additional video showing photos of the suns twin:
Part 2

Part 1

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