Earthquake Report


Recently the earth has been shaken by earthquake swarms in Japan, and large earthquakes in Papua New Guinea, and Iran. The latest report from the Iranian 7.8 earthquake is thousands of people have been left homeless in neighbouring Pakistan with 19,000 people left without shelter  and 3,00 homes destroyed in the powerful tremor.

A relief effort is now underway, with supplies, carrying tents, lamps, food and water that are expected to reach Mashkel by Thursday morning at the latest.

Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes according to the U.S Geological Survey:

5.7 18km ENE of Ishinomaki, Japan 38.478°N 141.494°E 45.5
5.0 47km NNE of Yonakuni, Japan 24.832°N 123.243°E 10.3
5.1 8km NNW of Linao, Philippines 7.240°N 124.941°E 41.1
5.6 70km SSE of Shimoda, Japan 34.126°N 139.355°E 19.1
5.6 209km W of Abepura, Indonesia 2.775°S 138.702°E 44.8
5.7 107km E of Khash, Iran 28.189°N 62.308°E 68.3
5.1 19km SW of Yuhu, China 26.004°N 99.830°E 55.0

Volcanic Activity

Strong volcanic activity continues at the Nevado Del Ruiz volcano located in Columbia. Early today, another magnitude 3.0 earthquake was felt at the volcano.

Volcanic tremors and elevated gas output, and deformation continue at the Ruiz volcano. Tiny volcano events continue at both the Machin volcano and Cumbal volcanoes.

Strong volcanic activity continues at the Telica volcano in Nicaragua, with event magnitudes to 2.0 at the volcano. An explosion type seismic event was recorded at the Masaya volcano today. Small earthquakes continue at the Mount Hood Volcano with a magnitude 1.2 earthquake event beneath the mountain’s upper slopes. Exhalations of gas at the Popocatepetl volcano have returned to their periodic behavior.

Frequent volcano-tectonic events continue at the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador today. Small seismic events also remain frequent at the Cotopaxi volcano.


April Planet X Videos


More video footage of the mysterious planet x is reportedly seen in Auckland New Zealand, keep in mind we don’t know for sure what exactly this object in the sky is, but it is interesting:


This third video could be some type of lens flare, what appears in the sky is a red blob in the sky in New Zealand. When the colors are changed on the object you can see density in the sky:

There could definitely be something to the above video, as we see that it appears behind the clouds.


The final video is one of the most convincing videos as of yet, this video highlights a second sun at the 11:00 position moving with the sun at 0:30 in the following clip:

We took two screen capture photo’s from the above video and we inverted the images using Microsoft paint, and here is what we found:



Judging from the above images, it definitely looks as if there is some type of dense object to the 11:00 position of our sun. Here is the other image that we inverted using the same program:

planet xSorry paid shills, and paid debunkers, there is without a doubt a dense object just 11:00 to our sun in the above images and the last video that we have highlighted. It is hard for some people to believe that our suns binary twin is right there, but it is:



At this point, massive earthquakes are shaking the earth as of late, and a mega earthquake watch in May according to Youtube researcher 9nania:

Volcanoes are active, sinkholes are still opening up across the world, terrorists events taking place, along with mass animal deaths still taking place. 9nania may be onto something with her predictions, as mass animal deaths are taking place in California killing sea lions from methane releases:

The creator of the above video Daboo7, highlighted oil platforms, however there was a news report about methane releases, here is the video link to report:

Stay tuned for future updates, as things continue to become more clear as time goes on.


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