Pythagorean Numerology is a practice that I’ve found to be very accurate. In this article I’m going to be taking a look at the Pythagorean numerology , Gematria behind the Nibiru shock 2012 saga.

Before we get into nibiru shock 2012 lets refresh the viewers about nibiru. On a side note I have created a backup channel that you can subscribe to for future updates: source

Not everyone is likes this form of numerology, however, the controllers of this world use numerology and fear to control the masses online and offline.

Nibiru – Numerology


Nibiru = 37 in Pythagorean numerology, Black Magick = 37, magnetic reversal =73 the reflection of 37 Earthquake Weapon = 73. This is interesting because it is a fact that the world powers have access to earthquake weapons, sound blasting ships, and H.A.A.R.P to name a few things.

Write out the word “Thirty Seven” = 41, Tesla Weapon= 41 in Pythagorean numerology. Once again, this suggests that what is actually happening is that Tesla Weapons are being used to increase earth changes of all sorts, not Nibiru.

41 is the 13th prime number, 13 is associated with a bad omen or Friday the 13th in the world of black magick and the occult. This syncs back up to the Black Magick coding that was mentioned/ black magick = 37 in Pythagorean numerology.

Write out “Forty One” = 39, Master Mason = 39, the reflection of 93 gives us propaganda = 93, and conspiracy theorist = 93.

Looking at all of the fake dates and everything, there have been several conspiracy theorists giving us propaganda about Nibiru’s arrival. On top of this, master mason(39) when talking about other online fear mongers.

Nibiru = 17 in Chaldean numerology, Lie = 17, vowels were not used in the early days of ancient times and the word Illuminati can be written illmnt = 17 in Pythagorean numerology without vowels.

Write out “Seventeen” = 43, Hercolubus =43 the name given by a Chilean astronomer , John R. Moore = 43, draconian = 43 in pythagorean numerology.

37  is the 12th prime number, when you flip the number 12 = 21, Saturn = 21, and Hoax = 21. Nibiru is associated with several hoaxes, and in the occult work the Zionist Jews worship Saturn/cube.

  • In Jewish Gematria Nibiru = 340/34, and Nemesis = 34.

All the coding lines up for this being an elaborate hoax that was designed to generate fear, but what else does nibiru mean.

Nibiru Etymology

Nib in the 1580s, meant “beak or bill of a bird” meaning “point” (of a pen or quill) first recorded 1610s. source

According to Wikipedia nibiru is a term in Babylonian astronomy for the equinox. What is an equinox? Answer: The time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth’s equator.

Cross is a key word because the C.A.D translation of nibiru wasn’t found, instead, neberu was found, which means “place of crossing” or “crossing fee”. So there is a high probability chance that nibiru is the crossing point between the earths equator and the ecliptic plane.

Read the C.A.D for yourself

Interesting points found here

 NibiruShock2012 Numerology

When we type in Nibirushock =57 in Pythagorean numerology,  and  Fearmonger = 57. When you add the S exception in Pythagorean numerology Nibirushock=67 (57+9) , rip off artist = 67, government spy = 67.

Edger Cayce = 45, write out 45 as a word ” Forty five” = 57 just like Nibirushock= 57.

This coding could mean that nibiru shock was a government spy & was a fear monger because  this was what he posted in the original video:

These objects are heading towards us, as they have done in the distant past. These objects will become visible to every human on Earth within the next couple of years. Some time around 2012/13, these objects will be closer to us than our own Sun, and will dominate the daytime and nighttime sky

I want to note that second sun sightings have been seen going back to 2009 just behind the sun:

Nibiru Shock Twenty Twelve = 107  reducing this number down = 17Lie = 17, LLmnt(Illuminati/ No vowels in ancient times).

Marshall Masters equals = 179 in English Ordinal 1+7+9 = 17, which matches Nibiru Shock Twenty Twelve, so this could mean that this supposed “Leak” was scripted.

At this point you might be thinking this is coincidence that these number sync with words right? Wrong!

The day that Nibirushock2012 posted this video was on February 20th which was on a a Jewish holiday(Parshat Tetzaveh February 20th 2008).

Nibiru shock Twenty Twelve = 107, write out 107 as a word ” One Hundred Seven” = 74, and in simple gematria Jewish = 74, Holiday = 74(Pythagorean),  Occult = 74, Masonic =74 in English ordinal. 

107 is the 28th prime number:

The original year for the posting of NibiruShock’s video is 2008, 2008 can be written as 28 in Pythagorean numerology. Pysop = 28 , Zion = 28, Isreal = 28 in Pythagorean numerology.

Psyop which is the abbreviation for a psychological operation, takes place on the internet everyday with all types of fake hoaxes.

The Zionist state of Israel goes hand and hand, as them being  the controllers of this current world.

The reflection of 74 is 47, and agent = 47 in English Ordinal numerology:


 Date Numerology

The date numerology can often times sync up with the words related to a specific news event. The calculator I used simple adds the numbers in a date in different ways, for example, the NibiruShock2012 was uploaded on 2/20/2008,  2+20 / February 20th = 22, 2+2+2+8 = 14 and so on.

  1. Nibiru = 37 in Pythagorean numerology, write out 37 as a word ” Thirty Seven” = 41, the reversal of 41 is 14. This is telling us that the word nibiru is linked to the date this video was uploaded.

So when we look at the number 14 , (1) the individual  viewing this video (4) was being enclosed in a 4 sided cube watching this fear of the date 2012. Keep in mind  the year later the movie 2012 was released to further increase the fear of the future.

  • 50 Haarp Radar = 50 , Completion = 50 in Pythagorean numerology.
  • 30 Crisis actor = 30, so nibiru shock’s video up-loader was a crisis actor.
  • 22 Liar = 22 in Pythagorean numerology

February 20th the 51st day of the year , Bob Fletcher = 51, he was the same person that spoke about planet x coming, selling Dvd’s to help save the world.

The following words sum to 51 in Pythagorean numerology:

  • Tin Foil Hat = 51
  • Conspiracy =51
  • Zechariah Sitchen =51
  • Distraction = 51

Write out the number 51 as a word ” Fifty One” = 46, and ordo ab chao(order out of chaos)=46, Deception = 46. Think about how many people are debating and arguing over Nibiru, this creates order out of chaos which is the agenda of the Illuminati.

South Pole Telescope = 78 in Pythagorean numerology 7+8 = 15, the reflection of 51 = 15, which matches up with the date that the Nibirushock video was released.

According to the video was published by a YouTube director, that tells me that this was all scripting by people who are involved with acting and film. Why not say something like Youtube video creator, or Youtuber?

The screen directors age from the original Nibiru Shock video was 37 years of age, the word Nibiru = 37. Write out “Thirty Seven” = 57, NibiruShock = 57 in Pythagorean numerology:

What this is telling us is that the Illuminati have coded YouTube videos/news that is planned out way ahead of time.

If you think I’m lying, I want you to put in the Pythagorean numerology calculator ” Elvis Alive” and see if there are numbers related to Nibiru/Nibirushock.

Go ahead and try…

Chances are, you didn’t find Elvis alive linking to Nibiru/planet x because they are un-related. This numerology method is not a joke, and is being used by the Zionist Jews who practice Kabbalah mysticism.

Remember, the Illuminati was created by a combination of the Zionist Jews and Adam Weishaupt in 1776.  These people practice rituals that feed of the negative energy of the public when they orchestrate these hoaxes and news events.

The Yowusa article goes on to mention that the next video NibiruShock2012 Posted was on March 3rd, 2008, which can be written as the 3rd month and 3rd day/ 33:

33 is the highest degree in the Scottish rite of freemasonry and the hallmark of the Freemasons aka Illuminati.

Just like the image above, the Freemasons have stolen from ancient kmt(Egypt) and other cultures and the triangle is something you see in the levels of freemasonry.

The standard triangle has 3 angles at 60 degrees, 60 can be written as 6. Combine the three six’s= 666, which gives you the mark of the beast spoken about in the book of revelation.

The reason why I bring this out is because the Freemasons pride themselves as being the architects of media, politics, infrastructure, religion, and so on.

Keeping people in a state of fear allows you to exploit them easier, and cause them to not do anything about their current condition, just wait on _______ to happen instead of taking action.

All of this plays into the hands of the oppressor, who knows that people are now becoming more aware, and the fear propaganda rages on. Just remember, the Zionist Jews & Illuminati are scripting our lives by the book of revelation, the book of prophecy.

Six six six = 48 , just like fear porn = 48 in Pythagorean numerology:

Once you understand that these are the people at work, you can better understand that this is spiritual and physical warfare of the highest order.

Many channels on YouTube promote fear, the media shows mostly death and killing, the zionist jew company owners  leave people in fear of loosing their jobs and so on…

We live in a world of fear, and we have to be aware of this element, no fear! more love!

P.S December 21 2012 has a date numerology of 33, which is the hallmark number in the illuminati/freemasonry. Albert Pike was apart of the highest degree in the Scottish rite:

The entire 2012 fear drum was kicked off with the SPT images being “leaked” then the holly wood blockbuster film 2012 the movie in 2009.

Another important note, here are the days between February 20th 2008 and March 3rd 2008:

12 is a number that is associated with unhappy events, the reversal of 12 is 21, Saturn = 21. Saturn is the keeper of time, and represents the north pole Cube, and the Cube that humanity is currently living in.

21 represents the letter U in the alphabet which resembles a cup, the cup was being filled up with deception 12 days later. 12 represents the letter L, when you look at U & L in Pythagorean numerology that equals 33.

  • Hoax = 21 in Pythagorean numerology

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