Well, it has been an active and interesting week to say the least, a string of 6.0 earthquakes, ash shooting 20,000 feet into the air over at the Barren islands. One of the big stories that developed on Friday was the meteor strike in Russia, which looks to have been hit by something before it blew up.

Along with the meteor event in Russia, there is a list of other fireball sightings that haven’t been talked about much at the Nasa.gov website, which we find interesting, considering that so many people watched them in the skies in amazement.

source: poleshift.ning.com

There is nothing wrong with NASA tracking the larger asteroids/meteors, of course these asteroids are the most dangerous. But as we have all noticed, the smaller meteors can cause significant damage, and just as much attention should be given to them. Taking a look at the Nasa.gov website, there is very little information about the other meteor events that took place, and it looks as if the situation is being down played.

Here is a video footage of the fireball that was seen over CUBA:


We have never seen a time where so much activity was reported in such short notice, especially with meteors. Of course the general de-bunker or paid shill may say something like “meteors hit us all of the time, we just don’t see them” and yes they do hit the earth, however, how many meteors have actually injured anybody as of late, other than the Russian meteor? 

Telescope Sales Should Skyrocket 

With all of the recent events taking place, we predict that telescope sales will increase, as amateur astronomers will come out in droves. It is important to have these amateur astronomers, as obviously we cannot expect the establishment to warn us about near earth objects in the future.

If the future holds more space rocks, which it obviously looks like they will increase from here on out, it will be interesting to see if a planet X announcement will be made, or another announcement of what is taking place. From our research it looks as if something in space is flinging these fireballs our way, and planet X may be the culprit.


A strong 6.1 earthquake hit the Kermadec Islands today in New Zealand at 12:19 am, at a depth of 34 km (21 miles), about 161 km south of Raoul island in the kermadecs.

The good news is that the island is not inhabited by a large population. The country sits on the so-called ring of fire which is one of the most active earthquake regions on planet earth.

Here is  a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes for 2/18/2013 according to the U.S Geological survey:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.6 109km NE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand 30.694°S 178.135°W 36.7
6.1 111km NE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand 30.682°S 178.127°W 34.1
5.3 21km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.836°S 165.682°E 11.1
5.2 56km SW of San Antonio, Chile 33.942°S 72.063°W 21.5
5.6 Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge 5.594°N 32.943°W 9.9


A dangerous volcano in Indonesia poses a new threat of mudflows, as tons of volcanic debris left over from the 2010 eruptions is in effect.

Ther recent rains have mixed up with tons of volcanic debris that spewed from central Java’s mount Merapi several years ago, which created huge mudflows along a number of the mountains rivers. On Tuesday, a mudflow hit a group of sand miners on the banks of the Gendol River, killing one person, and injuring another, as well as sweeping away several trucks nearby.

“The danger on Merapi right now is only related to rain [mixing with] all the material that erupted in 2010,” Agus Hendratno, a geologist and lecturer at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, told The Wall Street Journal on Friday. “An early warning system was developed for the threat of mudflows, but sand miners often pay little heed to the warning.”




Here is the location of this sinkhole compared to the assumption parish sinkhole disaster:

source: Google maps
source: Google maps

Is this further evidence that parts of Louisiana are sinking? This is quite possible, as salt domes are along the Gulf Of Mexico. If more salt domes collapse we can see more and more sinkhole reports from the Louisiana area, especially if a domino effect takes place in assumption parish, as officials have warned.

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