With Nancy Lieder, the internet, and other websites and blogs that exist today, it can be difficult to know who exactly is telling the truth, and who is trying to put so much fear into people that they develop the bunker mentality. Granted, disasters, famine, strange weather, death, solar flares, and a host of other things do happen to our planet just about everyday.

With that being said, preparedness is not something to simply think about, it is something to start doing just in case of an emergency. There could be a nuclear fallout, war, tornadoes and other events that could take place, so prepping for those events ahead of time, could be the difference between surviving and not surviving those events. 

When Things Get A Little Out Of Control


In one of our previous articles, we talked about how it’s not all doom and gloom if planet X passes us and causes worldwide floods because of shifting of the earth’s poles. Take not of the word if, there is never a guarantee of any kind of doom or gloom coming to earth, nobody knows the future, and nobody know if this heavy mass object, or brown dwarf star is going to wipe out a large portion of the population.

If anyone guarantee’s that there will be something bad to happen, don’t listen to them. All any of us can do as researchers and those who seek truth is to look at the evidence and what is taking place, and make projections and potential forecasts, which can be wrong in many cases.

Remember Comet Elenin Doom? 

Before comet Elenin passed there was going to be this significant fallout with worldwide mega tsunami’s, earthquakes, and different countries falling into the ocean. As you can see from comet Elenin doom, many people where wrong about comet Elenin, and once again, that’s why we never say for sure something is going to happen to earth, when it comes to earth changes or natural disasters.

The Latest Conspiracy Craze


UFO’s around the sun? Could this be another conspiracy or fear campaign? Nobody know’s for sure, that’s why we do our best to stick with what we can be prove, and how to approach any future disasters, alien invasions, or anything else that can threaten humanity.

What we can prove is that there was a solar flare on the sun recently, and that we are in a solar maximum period which is causing many of these strong solar storms to take place. Could power be knocked out for billions of people on earth next week? We don’t know, and once again, be careful if anyone is saying for sure that power will be knocked out to billions of people.

We all know that hurricane sandy still has knocked out power for 11 days for some people, and these people want answers to why power is still out.

hurricane sandy without power

Residents are still staring at another storm that could make the situation even worse in the area’s affected by hurricane sandy, so an evacuation makes sense for many residents. However, to evacuate because someone on youtube posts that there is another comet that is going to turn our world upside down, is utterly ridiculous.

We conclude today be saying that it’s important to take note of events that take place by people on youtube and your neighbors, however it’s best to trust but verify before you believe anyone.

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