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At the current time we do not know if these technical difficulties are accident, or on purpose, but the timing is very interesting with so many earthquakes and extreme weather events happening at the moment.

After  three and a half hours of work the entire video production that was going to be completed froze, and we could not complete the production. The same thing has been occurring as we try to publish website articles, so this has been a very difficult time.

In recent weeks there has been difficulty attempting to create any kind of videos, and of course YouTube censorship is on  us at the moment. We will be updating this website mainly, and moving more away from YouTube as the game has changed over there.

Planet X

planet x photo

Yes, based upon our research planet x is real and should become more visible 10/19/2014 through 10/21/2014 in the western sky looking towards the the constellations of Hercules and Aquila/Eagle between 7:00 P.M – 8:00 P.M.

We are sending out an alert message to all amateur astronomers to look in this general area and contact us at:

contact@earthshiftx.com  if you have any photo’s or information to share. Based upon our recent captures and other researchers who have been watching the western sky, that is the general area we will be watching moving forward.

As highlighted in our previous article the skyline turned a bright yellow color looking directly south which is not normal because the sun was setting more  south west.

The sunset time is abnormally longer than normal, and our story never changes, we witnessed the sky become brighter after the sunsets, and if you do not believe simply look at the sunrises and and sunsets and tell us what you see.

Chances are if you are in the northern hemisphere you should see the crazy red dusty skies, the chemical trails covering the sunrises and mainly sunsets, and different parts of the sky light up yellow and even red.

In what could be pre-announcement news about planet x, today there was a news report from the pentagon mentioning the following, quote:

“climate crisis an immediate security threat” read more

Earthquakes & Extreme Weather Accelerates


Tropical storm Ana– Hawaii could escape a direct hit from tropical storm Ana and is now headed over warmer waters with the potential to become a hurricane at the moment. read more


Tropical storm Gonzalo -Is a major hurricane with winds at 125 miles per hour and strengthening  and expected to pass by Bermuda on Friday, swells as well as dangerous surf will hit the United States. source

Typhoon Hudhud – In the aftermath of typhoon hudhud, it will take a least another two weeks before power supply is completely restored to Andhrah Pradesh, India.

Typhoon Vangfong – Tyhphoon vongfong left two dead and 100 people have been injured in the aftermath of a storm system that could have ended up much worse than what it turned out to be. source

Earthquakes & Volcanoes

A The strongest earthquake of the day was a magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck the southern mid-Atlantic ridge, which has been active as of late. Continued volcanic earthquakes are taking place at the Iceland bardarbunga volcano, with a magnitude 4.6 earthquake taking place.

The continuous eruptions show no slow down at the moment, and continues to show activity.


At the current time the Mayon volcano in the Philippines is disrupting lives as the eruption drags on. source


There are currently 72 fireballs reports pending at the moment for the following states and countries : AK, AL, AZ, CA, FL, GA, IA, IN, LA, MA, ME, MI, MN, NC, ND, NH, NV, OH, OR, PA, SD, UT, WA, WI & WV and 6 reports from Canada.

A strange fireball event was connected to Shreveport Louisiana yesterday as a loud boom was heard, and a fireball reported in the same region. The viewer mentioned that the fireball event resembled the Russian meteor event, quote:

“due to cloud cover there was no visual, but there was no other way to report this to your web site other than to use the fireball sighting form, this event was eerily similar to Chelyabinsk but not quite as energetic” read more

This was an event that was picked up on radar as being a thick streak of cloud, not apart of the storm system.source

Even though it is not talked about by the mainstream media, the recent fireball events are not apart of any meteor showers.

 Rogue Wave -Rogue waves are amazing sights to see, but can be dangerous as today there was a report of one person dying and three others are recovering from the hospital after their boat capsized in Wairoa in Hawke’s Bay.source

Ebola  – The fear of ebola is continuing to spread and sets up a perfect scenario for potentially martial law. Why is this scenario ideal before a possible planet x announcement? For starters, there will not be anyone on the streets because people are not quick to want to go out in public.

This is a picture perfect time to announce the planet x approach, of course, we could be wrong, but at the moment that is the direction we believe this is all headed.

The most recent news has a nurse Flew halfway across the country on a commercial jet with 132 people. source

This entire situation looks to be orchestrated more and more, and intentionally spread with so many so called “mishapps” when we know the cdc owns a patent for this virus. read it here

Expect the sun to have more impressive displays, ebola fears to spread, extreme weather events, flooding, more plate movement as the 7 of 10 sequence of events unfold, and a cold winter to make life more difficult.

Always remember, if you are prepared to deal with the worst of times, you can have the best of times. With these events coming thinking about keeping warm without power can be a great way to jump start a preparedness plan.



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