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149 reports of fireball events so far in the last 2 days alone, this has been an ongoing story for our planet at the moment. No, there is no such thing as fireball season, that is disinformation, because if you look at the total number of fireballs with sound in just 2004 alone, you will see that there were 0, reports of fireballs.

2004 fireballs

How in the world is this seasonal if there were no fireballs with sound in 2004, that looks like a cover up.

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Here is an article which reveals the recent fireball news events:

Here’s a video that reveals some of the most recent fireball reports

The following video completely debunks the entire fireball season excuse:

Powerful 6.7 In The Sandwich Islands + Earthquakes

big quake

The following are some of the most recent earthquakes that we have experienced in the October alone:



On top of these larger earthquakes, there have been smaller earthquakes 5.0 or lower just about everywhere you can think of. Check for yourself:

M Class Flares And Solar Tsunami

On OCt. 22nd we had the sun produce an M4-class solar flare with a loud burst of shortwave radio static. According to an amateur astronomer Thomas Ashcraft of New Mexico:

“I knew this flare was a strong one by the force of the radio shock front,” he says. “It nearly lifted me out of my chair!” –

There is an interesting audio clip on the website.


Volcano activity was reported at the Kamchatka volcano in Russia, with a new explosive eruption yesterday, as an ash plume was detected drifting at an estimated 16,000 feet.

The Sakurajima volcano in Kyushu Japan, as shown strong explosions during the 10-21 of October, which culminated with an eruption on October 21st, and also produced an ash plume rising 18,000 feet in altitude. The Langila volcano in New Britain has shown a thermal hot spot and SO2 plumes.


Water Main Breaks


One of the more significant water main breaks took place on October the 22nd according to the daily mail article:

It is believed that a build-up of high pressure caused the 21-inch pipe to rupture.


The question Might come to mind, well isn’t this just an isolated incident? The answer is no, here are a few other water main breaks that have taken place in countries around the world:

Water Main Break In Russia 6 Months Ago:


Water Main Break In Montreal Canada A Few Months Ago 


Water Main Break in Rio De Janiero  1 Month Ago


Water Main Break In France 


One of the more recent water main breaks took place in Boston in the USA:

Water Main Break  In Boston


The research continues, but the evidence is clear there could be something more taking place with our planet than meets the eye. One of the main things to watch is comet ison as it makes it’s closest approach to the sun, and the sun activity that could potentially take place from it’s passage.

Great channel for solar activity:

Breaking News 6.0 Earthquake In Tonga



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