More evidence keeps stacking up of a potential celestial body that is bringing with it meteorites and all. Today we have a meteorite that looks as if part of it was broken up so it wouldn’t do more damage, as a loud boom was heard after it streaked across the sky. At the current time, we find it interesting that there was little from about the event taking place.

There was no warning, as 900 people were injured, including children, and 3000 buildings were damaged in the process. You would think that there would be some type of warning from someone about this meteorite hitting the earth in Urals.

Here is video footage gathered from around the web:


Here are a few of the most important details about this meteorite crash, which we want to point out, should have been covered by NASA:

  • Russian military discovers 6-meter crater from Urals meteorite.
  • Before falling to earth, the meteorite exploded nine times, starting at an altitude of 55 kilometers, Lifenews reported quoting a source in Emergencies Ministry.
  •  The meteorite explosion sent animals in the Chelyabinsk zoo into a panic. Wolves and horses were reportedly the most agitated, but have now been calmed.


Of course there is not shortage of news in the earth change community, as Nancy lieder and the Zetas give us insight on what this event could potentially mean:

“Clearly not an asteroid, the Chelyabinsk meteor came from the direction of the Sun, where Planet X, aka Nibiru, is wafting its vast debris ridden tail. This meteor event is not the first nor will it be the last during this passage. Fireballs have been on the increase since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. They have screamed across several countries or provinces or states, outside of any anticipated regular meteor showers.

Is this meteor related to 2012 DA14, recently discovered and traced to pass between the Earth and Moon later on the same day as the Chelyabinsk meteor? There is no relationship, as 2012 DA14 is an asteroid dislodged from its usual path by the swirling in the tail of Planet X. 

The Russians have claimed that they shot down the Chelyabinsk meteor, unsure if it were a missile, an attack, and in any case trying to diminish the size and potential impact. This is true, and as meteors are slowed by the atmosphere, and as the flaming meteor makes an unmistakable target, they were able to connect.

Does the Chelyabinsk meteor usher in a new era of larger and more devastating fireballs descending upon the Earth? Without a question, and all will be coming from the direction of the Sun. Just another fact the cover-up will be unable to adequately explain. Just another reason why Obama needs to proceed with haste to confess that a cover-up has existed since Reagan’s Executive Order on the matter. Or will yet more lies be generated by NASA.” –

We urge our readers to understand there is a cover up taking place, as there was no warning from those who have the powerful satellites to pick up anything coming close to earth, especially a meteorite that could cause so much damage. Once again, if an event takes place, we will not get a warning. 

Here is another quote that raised our eyebrows:

“Curtin University asteroid expert Phil Bland told an Australian website, “Is it connected to the flyby? A lot of folks would say “no”. Personally, I’ve always kind of liked the idea that there are streams of asteroid debris – so you can have smaller stuff that precede and trail a bigger object. It seems like an awful big coincidence if it’s not connected.”

Simon O’Toole, an astronomer at the Australian Astronomical Observatory, thinks that there is unlikely to be a connection. “As pointed out elsewhere, DA14 is still half a million kilometres away, travelling at 8km per second, for a start! Could it be part of the asteroid that has broken away and reached earth already? This seems unlikely to me,” he said.”

So now you have so called experts who have no clue how, or why this meteorite hit the earth, and caused so much damage.

Some believed that this asteroid had something to do with the 2012 Da14 near flyby, but it doesn’t as Nancy brings to our attention. Here is more video footage of this event taking place, which looks like the seen out of a movie:


This is a clear warning that average people will not be warned when something of this magnitude takes place, the question is, will Obama make an announcement of the planet X? And will the general public finally start to realize that the earth in which we live is rapidly changing?

So we have the pope resigning, an 8.0 earthquake with 6.0 and 7.0 aftershocks, Obama hinting about earth changes in his presidential address, and now we have a meteorite rip across the sky in Urals Russia, it all adds up folks, the evidence for planet X just keeps stacking.

Here is more dramatic footage of this event taking place:


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