In Maumere, Indonesia officials say 46 pilot whales have beached themselves on a southern island. Almost all of the whales have died, except for 3.

What’s interesting about this recent development is that a whale activist group attempted to rescue the whales by placing them back in the ocean, but they kept swimming back to shore.

The whales reportedly washed ashore late Monday in the Raijua beach area on Sabu, which is a tiny islet between Timor and the Sumba islands to the south of Indonesia.

The good news is that meat from the dead whales has been take by the locals in that area for food, which is something that is done by the locals.

According to scientists, they believe the whales follow a group leader to shore when it becomes sick, which strands them. The nonprofit organization mentioned that the stranding could come from partially caused receding of

the tides due to seasonal monsoons.

 The Weak Magnetosphere Is The More Likely Culprit


There is an article that we found, that is a must read for anyone who is researching what is taking place on earth. In this article, it goes over how the weak magnetosphere could be causing all of the disruption that you see with many of the animals today. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Sea turtles and magnetism 

Marine turtles use to return their entire life to the same breeding beach, often located thousands of kilometers off the feeding places, making the return with no visual landmarks.

The turtles’ exceptional navigational ability relies on detecting the earth’s magnetic field, against the deflection induced by the ocean currents, as it was proved in green turtles (Chelonia mydas). If a powerful magnet attached on the turtles’ heads impairs the detection of the Earth’s magnetism, the turtles decrease their navigational sense.

They were still able to return to their original egg-laying beach, thus the turtles do not rely only on the geomagnetic field. They probably use olfaction, like some sea birds (petrels and albatrosses) or homing pigeons do, but this is just a supposition by now. 

Tests made on captive young sea turtles showed that increasing with 10% the magnetic field compared to the natural one made the animals to swim eastward, while a 10% lower magnetic field made them swim westward. Sea turtles are also known to react to sudden changes in the terrestrial magnetism and to its inclination, too.” –

From our research at earthxtinction, based on facts, something is effecting the magnetosphere, which in turns effects all life on earth. Scientists have been saying for years how the earth’s magnetic field has been weakening for years, could planet x be the main cause of the magnetic field weakening?
Planets act like magnets as they fly through our solar system, now that we know planet x is officially out there, it could very well be the cause of the weakining magnetic field, and the mysterious death of marine life here on earth, and the warming up of other planets in the solar system.

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