Today we are going to take a look at a photo that was sent to us by a viewer, this particular photo is interesting to say the least.

Here is the original photo below:

second sun, planet of the crossing, nibiru, planet x, photo's

Now what we will do is color enhance the photo using Lightroom 5:


The main two objects that we see are just to the top right of the sun, and the middle top of the sun. Here is the color enhanced version of these two objects:

planet of the crossingWhat we can see on the image to the right is something that looks like it has wings no doubt. Here is another image of the same object just with the temp value set to more to the blue value in Lr5.

winged, planet Now let’s take a look at the other unknown object on the left hand side of the photo:



It’s kind of hard to figure out exactly what this is on the zoom in, but it definitely looks as if something is there. Unfortunately there was not a time given for these photo’s or location, however the date is 10/12/2014.

So what is on the table at the moment? Is there more preparation taking place by the powers that be, the Illuminati, and world governments?

How will the public react as events begin to unfold that they have never witnessed? We’ll all find out soon, as things are really starting to get interesting.

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  1. very nice, and yes it is, wait till she’s so close and interact with our outer atmosphere layers, white lightnings storm surround it..! The Kachina’s Family’s, you need little more learn dipper my friend, you almost perfect..In the name of humanity, thank you..

  2. Here she comes! Maybe its just about time.. as we Earthlings seem to need a wake-up-shake.., remembering where we really come from, and who we really are.. Far far away from every iPad and not a single hit-with-a-tit to distract the common sense.. 😉