The legendary words from a planet x skeptic usually begins with something to the effect of , “If something that big was headed towards us , we should all see it by now” and so on. So , where exactly is planet x?


planet x

It is unknown whether or not star or object in Aquarius is planet x for certain, but at the moment that is where some believe planet x is. YouTuber Astral travler was looking at the 2010 year in this video. (watch here)

This is yet another place where something could be coming from, and higher truth channel has highlighted the second solar wind, as well as the other strange things in Aquarius here.

How can we know where this object is in 2015? And if planet x is coming in 2016, we should definitely be able to see something in this area of the sky. But here is the problem with trying to capture something in the sky every day.

Problems With Filming The Skies 

Chemical spraying of the skies, increased clouds due to the earth heating from the core, artificial clouds that don’t move very much, and weather conditions to name a few.

It has never been more difficult to view the sunsets on certain days, and  in our area there are certain days where there is little chemical spraying and increased chemical spraying.

We believe something is being covered up in our skies, and there are only certain days where you can view it.

Other Potential Sightings

Of course, this is not the only area of the skies that strange things are being seen. For starters we captured a strange object in the western sky that was definitely there because we saw it without a camera.
planet x orbital

Once again, here is the story behind this photo:

The original photo is on the left hand side, the color enhanced version is on the right hand side of the photo.

For starters we viewed this same object in the western sky twice and this was seen with the naked eye without a camera so it cannot be a lens flare. Second, you can see it behind the telephone wire, so it is not a lens flare.

And finally it is not a cloud because the clouds are showing a gray color to the right and left of this photo in the middle of the photo. As the time progressed the clouds began to cover this object and we could no longer view this object in the western sky.

We believe strongly that we captured something in the sky that is authentic, and it looks just like the winged globe that the ancient Sumerian culture speaks of.

Key Points To Remember:

  • The sky is being heavily sprayed with chemical trails in the western sky
  • The exact same area we viewed this object is being covered with fake clouds

Webcams Show An Object

Looking at the Wetter webcams you can see an object that doesn’t look like a lens flare at all, and here’s why.

Frame: 17:29flaring


This webcam is a very important webcam, and it shows the entire sun with only 1 lens flare that is visible , and that is on the bottom right hand side of the photo.

Notice how you see no other lens flares as the entire sun rises above the horizon. Another thing that is noticeable is the black dot on the center of the sun which is interesting to say the least(learn more here).

Frame: 17:19


So here we can see that the lens flare at the bottom right hand corner changes it’s shape.

shapeshifting lens flare


Frame: 16:59

You can clearly see that the lens flare on the bottom right is changing shape as no other lens flares are visible.

Frame: 16:19


Fast forwarding through the frames and you can clearly see a glowing red object, keep in mind , there were no other lens flares other then what was in the bottom right hand corner of this photo.

not a flare





The next two photo’s are very important, the first photo shows the object and the lens flare, and the second photo was color enhanced to eliminate flaring, and the lens flare disappears.

something is there


Question, if this is lens flare on this webcam, then why can’t we see the lens flare after adjust the contrasts, yet we can still see the object off to the right of the sun?




So the big question next is, will this object get bigger? Is it getting larger if it is approaching? All of these questions will be answered soon as time moves along.

Until then, we can honestly say that a red object is being seen in the western sky, and there is no doubt that something is there. watch the webcam here

Glacial Melt And Lost Civilizations

surface, methanes

Around 16,000 years ago there was evidence of large volcanic eruptions, earth heating, and  massive glacial melt with crustal displacements. On top of this, there is currently evidence of pockets of methane deposits found near excavation sites where lost civilizations were found.

What’s interesting about this is that currently the earth is heating, water vapor is increasing, methane is increasing, and looking at the buoy activity and cover ups the earths crust is also shifting.

water vapors

Isn’t interesting that methane was found near the ancient lost civilization sites, and now we are seeing an incredible increase of methane and precipitation at the moment?

The truth is, there are several Atlantis type of under water cities that existed, so how can people think it’s just a fantasy with dozens of these cities sitting beneath the oceans?

From the looks of things, we might just become yet another lost civilization due to global flooding and a catastrophe. Of course this topic is not a popular topic to talk about, but the evidence is all there for a natural disaster the likes of which the world has not seen in a long time.

This doesn’t mean that it’s all hopeless, as the above video mentions we are actually headed for a golden age, and in this current age of awareness there are good things in the current time and future.






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