There has been no shortage of individuals who will mock those who create videos about the existence of planet X, and whether or not is real. Others say things such as ” January 1st is here! and nothing happened” or how about “You niburu people make me sick, your video needs to get shut down”.

In the following video you will clearly hear from the media that there is not just 1 planet x in space, but potentially billions. And with those in power having the ability to see things in space that we can’t, and those in power not telling the general public the truth, who knows what could be out there but them.

Our mission is to inform the public of the earth changes taking place, and continue our research on the billions of planet X stars or planets that are in space. Remember, by definition, a planet X is an object that is “

  1. An undiscovered planet in the solar system –

So if this is the case, than without a doubt, there is a planet X in our solar system. Just about everyday we publish the real story and let our readers decide if planet X is real or not. It is a possibility that something else in space is causing the magnetic field to twist, heating the earths core, and causing the extreme weather changes that we all see on a daily basis.

Here is a clip of videos that clearly state the fact, that there is definitely something out there, the question that still remains is it affecting earth? And will this object make a flyby past earth, and cause mass death and destruction in the future? That is something that we are researching at the time.


The Big Reason Why We Are Tired Of Hearing From De-bunkers 

Anyone who understands what is taking place on earth by actually reading some of the earth change headlines that we publish everyday, will clearly see that that we are experiencing earth changes that this generation has never experienced. Hurricane Sandy ripped through the eastern part of the United States, flattening homes, taking out the power in many areas, and leaving families homeless.

At the current time Australia is experiencing extreme heat, while places such as the United Kingdom experience extreme cold temperatures. Several videos on YouTube have clearly shown that the sun is setting in the North West, which clearly displays that the earth has a wobble:


Here is another article that should make anyone raise their eyebrow:

sun rises

How in the world could the sun rise that early unless something caused the earths rotation to pick up speed or change it’s rotation? Of course debunkers will not pay attention or acknowledge most of the information, data, and research that has been performed. Instead they will say things like ” Aren’t we all supposed to be dead by now if planet x was real? LOL”.

It is almost as if some of these individuals have not noticed the mega earthquakes that have taken place in the last 10 years, the giant sinkholes that are swallowing up buildings and cars:



What Evidence? And What Research? 

There are many places to begin researching the claims made by everyday people who just want answers. Here is the number 1 video, that goes over the evidence for the existence of planet X:


Another location that you can find more research and information that puts all of the pieces together is Another video that you can research is the following video, which makes a lot of great points on the existence of planet X, we recommend that you watch the entire 3 part video series if you are serious about finding out about planet X:


Even if there are people who don’t wanna look at any evidence or believe anything that is being presented, this is still an excellent time to be prepared for natural disasters, as giant under water cities did not end up 60 feet below the sea without something drastic taking place on earth.


P.S Here is a list of symptoms for planet X with links:

This is a short list of twenty five symptoms of Nibiru the brown dwarf with multiple moons in the alignment of an ‘X’ [link to] in pictures from a south pole observatory telescope. These symptoms include but are not limited to:

1. Massive migrating animal deaths taking place all over the globe [link to] 2. Major super storm floods taking place everywhere [link to] 3. Magnetic pole migration that have been going on since 2004 [link to] 4. Irregular weather causing food shortages [link to] 5. Increased volcano eruptions [link to] 6. Increased earthquakes [link to] 7. The wobble in the earth’s rotation getting worse [link to] 8. Sunrise coming 2 days early in Greenland [link to] 9. Yellowstone ground bulging from active magma swells [link to] 10. No media coverage Thread: So yah Comet Elenin. No one talking about it? of Planet X/Comet Elenin calculated to pass only 21.6 million miles from earth Thread: Nibiru/Planet X Event Timeline
11. FEMA buying food and supplies for an expected New Madrid Fault Catastrophe [link to] 12. Severe winter weather [link to] 13. Airports closing down to remark their runways [link to] over magnetic pole migration.
14. Rogue tides from rising oceans [link to] 15. Sea Level Strangeness [link to] 16. Moon out of place [link to] 17. Increased solar radiation [link to] 18. Increased sink hole activity [link to] and large cracks forming [link to] 19. Global Warming of all planets in our solar system (story).
20. Unprecedented changes in sun and planets [link to] 21. Wacky Compasses [link to] 22. Leaky magnetic field [link to] 23. Weather/climate-induced food shortages [link to] 24. Mega solar flare activity [link to] and [link to] 25. Global ocean conveyor disruption [link to]

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