Today we’ll cover earth changing events and planet x hidden in plain sight, let’s start off with an interesting find courtesy of east-bay. The below image reveals a black pair of shoes with a a red icon, and round basketball directly in the middle of the wings with feathers. This is similar to the round winged globe depicted by the Sumerian culture, which represented nibiru aka planet x:

winged shoes

Here a picture of the Sumerian winged globe:

winged globeObviously the winged planet is being placed right in front of us, the satanic bloodlines enjoy their subliminal messages. They show you the truth right in your face, and speak to the unconscious mind.

There is a long list of other subliminal planet x images, here is the iron cross of iron because of the red iron oxide tail of planet x:

red cross

The red cross is a well known symbol, and planet x is known for being the planet of the crossing. Here we can see another Sumerian artifact that is depicting the planet of the crossing, iron cross.

iron cross






















And of course you can’t forget about the recent 7 up logo:












Not only do we have subliminal messages but recently there were images posted on

planet xImage source

This is the cause of your red dusty skies, this is the object that soon, everyone will start talking about. Don’t be distracted with what myley cyrus does with her body, we have an in-bound celestial body. 

How to see even more of planet x instructions from our Youtube friend:

“This October look West towards Aquila and Hercules. Get the Star Chart App. Always mentally picture a line from Hercules towards the sun.

Then check if the sky and reflection of the iron oxide dust tail resembles the red sky you see. The charged tail of Planet X has a sway to it. This September is the month of psyops and cyberattack.

Get money out of banks and prepare because the deceived public needs to  be traumatized. Late 2015 the whole sky will be red. Like Daniel Craig who is Putin said in the casino in the movie SKYFALL….always bet on red…it is the CYCLE of life.”

We would like our readers to note the recent headlines on cyber attacks:








Last but not least we have a company that you have never heard of by the name of nibiru releasing their two new devices, with Jupiter M1 Being the Companies New Tablet.  read more

There is also an app called nibiru which you can download on Google play, View here.


Yesterday there there was a 6.0 earthquake which took place in Nias Region in Indonesia, no tsunami was issued in this Indonesian earthquake event, Indonesia is still reeling from the 6.1 earthquake that killed 35, and injured 275 just three days ago.

Zetatalk has stated that currently the Indo-Australian Plate is being driven under the Himalayas. And that Indonesia
currently has a lock, once this lock is broken and plates start moving and sliding past each other new points where plates are locked against each other develop. Read more 

22 minutes after the 6.0 earthquake event there was a magnitude 1.9 earthquake in Portugal, as seen below:

22 minutes

Today there was a 6.0 earthquake in Fiji at a depth of 691 Kilometers,  which is a deep underground quake.




A magnitude 5.5 earthquake struck the active Iceland region, as the Bardubunga volcano is showing continued activity at its southern end, but little or no lava extrudes from it.


Image source



Good news to report from the landslide event in Nicaragua as 22 miners were rescued, after heavy rains in the area. source

A landslide buried  3 houses  Bhimdatta Nepal, this is the exact same area we warned our readers to watch out for future landslide events, sinkholes and ect because the Indo-Australian plate is being driven underneath the Himalayas. 


In Apex North Carolina there is  traffic trouble in one Wake County town is concerned  that it is only going to get worse, as drivers have been re-routed due to a sinkhole in the region.

In  Visayas Philippines warnings are up for landslides as well as flash flooding in the region. Source


Fireballs In The Sky

multi state

How is that every week, there is a new report of a fireball that someone has never seen before? Today we’ll be looking at a pending report of a fireball event in Benton California. With the on-looker saying the following:

“I have never seen anything as big, bright, “close”, and colorful as this”

Here are the states and countries where the pending fireball events were witnessed:

AK, AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, GA, HI, IA, IL, IN, KS, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO, MT, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA & WV and 15 reports from Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Singapore and U.S. Virgin Islands.  source

Nasa’s all sky fireball cameras have picked up a total of 8 fireballs, with all of them being sporadic events.

Power Outages

A major power outage hit the Tunisia  capital, as suburbs and other areas were without power with no explanation as to what occurred. source

Mooorpark California experienced a power outage on Sunday, with 80 customers being affected. In Saudi Arabia several residents complained about frequent power outages in their districts, making it hard to bear without air conditioning.

Train Derailments

In North west China a passenger train derailed on Monday afternoon in the northwest China Qinghai province. The

T373 passenger train Departed from the coastal city of Qingdao on Sunday and was scheduled to arrive in Qinghai.

Mass Animal Deaths

mass fish death












A large number of jellyfish have washed up along China’s Yantai city, which range from 10 centimeters to 20 centimeters in diameter. The Hondo River in Mexico has experienced  a mass die-off of fish at a lake in western Mexico. source

Plane Crashes

A kenyan owned plane crashed and killed three people, with the cause of the event currently under investigation.


Gas Explosions

In Puebla Mexico at least 500 workers were evacuated following an exlposion in a gas pipeline in San

Miguel Xoxtla. But no one was injured in the blast according to emergency management officials in the area.

Gas explosions are certainly on the rise, as plates adjust you have incidents such as the Taiwan gas explosion just to name a few:


 Extreme Weather

In Mississippi strange wind gusts knocked down a trees and crushed a small building. Experts are currently warning of more extreme weather events increasing in New Zealand, and the message from experts in the area is to get ready for the worst.

An interesting fact:

“In the past two decades, fire callouts to wind and flooding incidents have more than tripled, up from 1204 in 1994-1995 to nearly 4490 in 2013-2014.”

Read more:


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