The battle between good and evil is a legendary battle that many Hollywood blockbusters use in their story lines. In the case of planet x you have a massive amount of disinformation(bad/evil), and good information(Good/correct) that is out there.

The Bad Information


Second Sun Claims – There are people who don’t even know how to use stellarium, and they make claims that the second sun is right there next to the sun, and in most cases it is something else. The problem with saying planet x is next to the sun is that earth orbits the sun every year, so this is most likely not the second sun or planet x.

If the second sun was next to the sun, there would have been a pole-shift a long time ago. This nonsense is all over the internet so people are confused when trying to understand what the evidence shows us.

Planet X Never Existed The burden of proof is on the person who makes the claim, and you have debunkers on the internet who say that planet x never could have existed. However, based upon the photo’s and images that we have taken we have a strong belief that something is out there.



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Here we have a YouTube video series , that failed to mention that Chief naval astronomer Robert S Harrington was informed by his colleague Tom Van Flandern that planet X was worth looking into and could be real. That is an indisputable fact, however, Robert Sutton Harrington never was definitive and absolute.

Read what Robert had to say here

The Good Information

Once again, before someone can say that planet x is not real, a person has to be able to demonstrate exactly why, and then be able to debunk the astronomers who came forth saying it could be out there, with one astronomer with laser accuracy saying it was there. On top of this, the debunker fails to leave any references, links, or go over any data.

He makes the claim that earthquakes are not increasing, and if you generalize it, yes earthquakes overall are not increasing. However, he fails to give an update which mentions that significant earthquakes have doubled in recent time:

“We have recently experienced a period that has had one of the highest rates of great earthquakes ever recorded,” said lead study author Tom Parsons, a research geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Menlo Park, California.” read the full story is proud to announce that we give the public sources that they can work with to determine the real from the fake, debunkers, not so much.


The Facts – Working with the information that Robert S Harrington and Carlos Munoz Ferrada mentioned, planet x should be coming on a long elliptical orbit to the inner part of the solar system. That’s when we come to the videos that we highlighted on the earthshiftx youtube channel which clearly show something in the western sky with a red trail on the top of the object.

In the above image after adjusting the colors of the image, but not the image, we were able to bring out the strange object in the western sky which matched the same object we captured in the western sky at sunset time. How is it that two people who do not know each other can capture the same shaped object?

Anyone who has been paying attention can see the glowing red dusty skies at sunset time, that have a separate light source from the sun. The day we took the image you see on the right before you open the video, the sky was very red, and guess what was coming out of the object when we brightened the colors? A red dusty trail as highlighted in the video below:

Once again, you decide exactly what is going on, we are just presenting the public with the facts, so they can determine what they think is happening.

Fact #2  The Strange Red Skies – Not only have the skies become red at sunset time, and a sunrise you can even see the entire skyline turn red/pink/orange color. What is startling is the longer than normal sunsets, which we have highlighted in the video below at 3:41 on the timeline:

We looked into how long it is supposed to take for the sky to finally become dark after the sun drops below the horizon, and that time frame should be 20-30 minutes and we have seen the sky become dark a full 45 or more after sunset time.

According to one source we see 30 minutes is the time it should take for the sun to set, then you have US navy website which showed 41 minutes for the twilight time to end from sunset time.


source 1 | source 2 

Fact #2 The Sun Does Not Set Directly South –  On 10/172014 we published a planet x research video highlighting the sunset in the first portion of the video. The sun does not set directly south, the sun is setting south-west this time of year, and more to the west when  we took this video clip.

When we witnessed this we were absolutely shocked and amazed at what we viewed, this is something never seen before. Now unless the sun can set directly south and southwest, there is no doubt in our mind that something else was out there at the time of taking the video Below:

Of course, earthshiftx is not the only youtube channel to come forth with evidence of exactly what is being seen in the skies.

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Of course we have made mistakes, with some of our content, thinking that planet x was next to the sun, but it’s not, from the looks of things this is coming on a long Elliptical orbit, as described by Robert s Harrington and Carlos Munoz Ferrada.

How many debunkers are willing to admit when they make a mistake?

One thing we want to highlight to our readers is that we don’t predict the end of the world, not one of our articles predicts the end of the world. However, great changes, and rapid changes are proven to happen, and with so much talk about climate changes  and natural disasters it is wise to be ready for anything that could happen at the moment.

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