Just stop and look around, and you may find some interesting messages hidden in plane sight if you look not so hard enough. It requires some eye training, but once it is clear, you will see the patterns emerge picture perfect. In this article we will highlight images of what we believe are a messages of nibiru hidden in plain sight. px moons Who would have ever thought a bottle of 7 up would have so much to offer, including moon swirls and planet x. Next time you go to the store, remember the isle you purchased the soda from, because x marks the spot. chrysler   The winged globe of ancient Mesopotamia and Sumerian legend. Hnibiru stampScott C19 Winged Globe 6 Cent Airmail Stamp #a Issued 1934!, that’s right 1934, more proof of knowledge about nibiru a very long time ago. 



The mini cooper with a big winged planet.





mercedes logo

Mercedes was definitely subliminal with this logo, but you can see the winged globe if you count the main circle as the winged globe of legend.


The Mercedes amg logo, clearly showing the winged globe.


winged globe, planet x,


If you ever visit Tennessee, you might see the winged globe inside the Memphis zoo.

southwest airlines

Now you can fly the friendly skies with the winged globe.

winged globe 2

x two sun

It will be hard to look at a master card again with two suns on it now.



red globe

Well, here is an interesting logo from the fast food giant krystal, not necessarily a winged globe but a globe with what seems to be a yellow star, on a long elliptical orbit like the comet planet aka nibiru. There are some images out there that don’t have winged globes or anything, but they do show something on a long elliptical orbit around the logos.

Nasa is one of the corporate giants with something on a long elliptical logo going around the logo.

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