The good news is that Hagupit is not as powerful as the strongest hurricanes in history, and that was typhoon Haiyan.

Extreme weather is the new normal as of late as the stars are out of place, and super is the word placed in front of tornadoes and hurricanes. Tens of thousands evacuate to shelters as another powerful typhoon has developed, which is now a category 5 according to the RSOE emergency website (click here).

The earth at the moment has a severe wobble which is due to the nearby presence of planet x aka hercolubus. And what we see now is the evidence mounting that it does exists and is coming. Below is a video  that highlights the what is being seen in the skies and how the stars are off:


The following are a few of the extreme weather events just in the last 24 hours across the world:

  • Morrocco experienced floods triggered by torrential rains which killed 11 people.
  • A dramatic evacuation took place in Hohe Wand , as an ice storm lasting for 5 days impacted the area.
  • Moving over to lake Erie, temperature at the end of November was the coldest in decades in the area. source

Red Skies In the Opposite Direction Of The Sunrise

The below photo’s speak volumes on what is going on in the sky, these photo’s were taken in the early morning hours of 12/4/2015 and you can clearly see the red skies facing west where the sun is not rising. 

red skies, sky photo


red sky

One thing to keep in mind is that this is only seen as the sun rises and sets, so at that particular time of the day we see the skies turn red or orange and only at that time of the day. So what is happening is that the sun is reflecting the reddish/pinkish/orange color of of the dust of planet x aka hercolubus.

The last photo was taken at sunset time facing directly west, and you can see the rusty looking red skies clearly.

red skiesThe sky no longer looks like it used too, the weather has gone crazy, we are now set to surpass the total amount of fireball reports for 2013, and everything is set up for continuity of government given a natural disaster as brought out in our article.

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