A small but shallow 2.6 earthquake was felt in Northern Italy at a depth of 2.6 km. California has been an active area for earthquakes as a 3.7 earthquake was felt at a shallow depth of 4km.

The strongest earthquake for the day was a 5.0 earthquake which struck near the coast of Honshu Japan at a depth of 60km. read more

An important thing to note as we have witnessed in the past, the transfer movement from one tectonic plate to the other is taking place. 

Here is an image showing this transfer of movement happening with today’s earthquake in Japan:

transfer earthquake, japan

The Filipino plate is interacting with the north american plate consistently as just 21 seconds later a rare 2.2 earthquake occurred in Tupper Lake New York.

plates shift, shifting plates

On a side note we were analyzing the new madrid seismic zone and we have now surpassed the total amount of earthquakes for February 2014 with 29 earthquakes this year.


Colima (Mexico) – Amazing Volcanic explosions took place on February 25 2015. – source

Popocateptl(Mexico) – Hot rocks were seen flying more than 700 meters into the air along with a series of tremors just over the weekend. On a previous blog post earlier we mentioned a large reading that occurred, which raised some red flags for yesterday’s eruption. –source


Fuego (Guatamala) – The Fuego volcano in Guatemala experienced another surge of activity  on February the 16th, but has now returned to moderate levels once again, and today , there was a small eruption visible on the web cams.

reventador map

Reventador in Ecuador is currently under a volcano watch, as large seismic signals are visible today. Recently the ring of fire, one of the world’s most active areas for earthquakes is showing several active volcanoes in the region. source

 Planet X Related Photo’s

We wish we could have taken some photo’s of the eerie looking sunsets today, however we do have some new pics from just the other day. As usual today the red sky was visible facing directly west 35 minutes after the sun has gone below the horizon.

Anyone closely paying attention can see this happen on a regular basis on a clear day, the sky gets brighter after the sun has set below the horizon!


This photo was taken directly south at sunset time of 5:57 pm , the sun is setting south-west, and the orange color is more of a red color with the human eye vs the digital camera used.

facing sout

The above image was once again facing directly south, with more of a reddish color visible to the cameraman.


Off to the left of this image we can see the reddish color , this is facing directly south as the sun is setting south-west again. The far left of the image is more south-east , and we still have plenty of red color to the sky.

facing south three

Ok, so now we are facing directly west as the sun sets, and you can clearly see that directly west we have a yellowish light source on the right hand side of this image and the sun is off to the left(south-west).

Fireball Reports

Watch for large fireball events this time of year, as there has been back to back large events in Russia in particular.

There are currently 13 fireball reports that are pending investigation, seen in the following states, and countries: FL, OH, NY, ID, OK, NM, MI and OR. There is also one report that is under pending investigation in Puerto Rico.  source

There were a total of 5 sporadic fireballs recorded at nasa’s all sky fireball network on February the 25th 2015. source

Extreme Weather

alaskan village collage

Residents may be forced to move from their homes as climate change is affecting a small village in Alaska. The Inupiat people are used to hunting bowhead, but the thinning sea ice has made that difficult. read more

glenda collage

Category one cyclone Glenda is currently producing wind speeds of 102km at the current time Nasa’s aqua satellite witnessed an eye forming as it passed overhead on February the 25th 2015.

Good news to report is that the hurricane is currently not a threat to land at the moment. source

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