In 2015 there has been a total of 65 significant earthquakes 6.0 or greater so far. 
quake numbers


Of course almost everyone knows that the USGS downgrades many earthquakes by several points so this number is higher.  Most of the significant earthquake activity continues to occur along the Indo-Australian plate.

indo australian


The strongest earthquake so far occurred in Nepal India with several buoys sent into event mode shortly after. The event was a true earth shift, killing over 8,000 people , injured over 19,000 , and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

The earthshift event triggered a landslide at Mount Everest, and shifted the Eurasian plate 20 feet. source

Nepal has not slowed down with earthquake events with aftershocks and continued landslides recently.  Today, there was a magnitude 4.2 earthquake which struck at shallow depth of 10km with some feeling a slight shake in the area.

“When the primary blockage gives, a big jolt occurs, with little warning. … When this plate loosens up sufficiently, this will allow dramatic domino motion elsewhere in the world. Large adjustments start with this plate moving.” – Zetatalk

Rare earthquake – In Tennessee  a rare 2.7 earthquake took place at a depth of 8 km, with this quake being near the new Madrid seismic zone.

Deepest earthquake – The Deepest earthquake of the day took place in Bonin Islands, Japan measuring 4.8 in magnitude.

Volcanoes Near Indonesia have been active as of late, with a large eruption taking place at mount Sinabung just yesterday. Sinabung was dormant for around 400 years, and just after 2010 became active.

Worldwide Weather Extremes

invest 91 L


The latest news out of the Gulf of Mexico is showing invest 91-L has a 80% chance of becoming a tropical formation. The good news is that there is no clear sign of a forming eye at the moment.

“Regardless of tropical cyclone formation, tropical storm conditions are possible along portions of the middle and upper Texas coast and the western Louisiana coast Monday night and Tuesday,” the NHC said on its website. –source

Ontario Canada – Several tornado warnings and watches were issued for the region. source

Lake Powell , CO – Extreme weather caused 1 boat to capsize , as flash flooding frightened a family on vacation. –source

 Hurricane Carlos is strengthening as it heads towards Mexico’s coastline, and has been gathering strength this past week. At the current time the hurricane has  sustained winds of 150 km. –source

Arabian peninsula  – 8 years of rain in one day took place as tropical storm  Ashobaa struck a mountainous region.

Earths Magnetic Field

Mag field

Deformed Imf  and field lines for 6/15/2015 , and the kp index is below 4 for the moment.

Photo’s From Viewers

Interesting photo sent in from youtuber Hercolubus red kachina shows 3 light sources as the sun sets in the western sky.

Color enhanced:


The next image is a stunner, here we have an object above the sun from the looks of things, here is the original image:


Color enhanced version:

hue enhanced wow


Wow is an understatement with this photo, we enhanced the hue, exposure and saturation and more details revealed.


second sun enhancedThe last image is from another follower of the Esx channel, and here is the original and enhanced image:

second, sun, nibiru, wormwood


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