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Map Of Japan

The biggest news this week is the earth experiencing six 6.0+ earthquakes in the past week alone. A Deep 6.5 earthquake struck in the Bonin Islands of Japan yesterday with the earthquake being felt in the area.

Japan is a near a convergent boundary, which can lead to large earthquake events. Here is an example of a convergent boundary.

During the pole shift, there will be great earthquakes in Japan followed by the New Madrid Adjustments, but first the Indo-Australian plate will tilt(read more).


Roughly 13 4.0 – 5.0 earthquakes were recorded today, with global shaking taking place on the heliplots.

One interesting find comes from the documentary on the San Andreas fault, basically, around 3500 years ago there were large adjustments to the fault zone around the same the wooly mammoth went extinct.

Different people have different views on when the last geographical pole shift occurred, some researchers say 3600 , and astronomer Carlos Munoz Ferrada mentioned 13,000 years ago as in the time of the Thera eruption, which is now Santorini.

At the end of the day, we can all agree that great disasters have occurred on our planet, and so does rapid earth changes as well.

Volcanic Activity

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Nashino-shima volcano Japan  is currently erupting, with a steady lava effusion   that feeds active flows reaching and enlarging near the south-east corner of the islands.

One of the most active volcano regions is located in Sumatra Indonesia, and Mount  Sinabung has shown a series of pyroclastic flows which reached lengths of up to 4.5 kilometers.

This area is also near a convergent boundary, which forms volcanoes and large earthquakes.

Colima volcano  in Mexico blasted a column of ash  on Tuesday as well. source

reventador 3

Reventador in Ecuador is also showing magma on the move and small earthquakes at the moment.


Activity is picking up, there are currently 107 pending fireball reports for the following U.S States:  PA, AR, CA, WA, NC, WI, MN, IA, AZ, CT, OR, ID, NV, NY, MI, FL, VA, WV, MD, DC, KY, Mt, ME and OH.

11 countries are also receiving reports of fireballs Belgium, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and South Africa. Nasa’s all sky fireball camera picked up 27 sporadic fireballs on the all sky camera’s. source | source2

Weather Extremes

There seems to be no break from violent and extreme weather events, as the eastern part of the United States is experiencing an onslaught of storms and flooding in the southern United States recently.

New Zealand – Residents living in Taranaki were stranded due to severe weekend weather and flooding in the area. There was a state of emergency declared for the area on Saturday. source

Puget Sound Washington U.S.A – Temperatures are expected to climb this week with a record-breaking spike in heat anticipated. Several U.S states will be potentially shattering the heat records this week.  source

Planet X/7x Skies

One of the common sights as of late has been the heavily chem-trailed western sky, since the moment we captured that object in the western sky we have witnessed an increase in chemicals being sprayed in the western sky.

The sky is being sprayed with more chem-trails than we have ever witnessed, and earlier in the day. Today we would like to highlight a photo sent in from a friend of our youtube channel:

red, dusty Skies

This red sky Serbia is similar to the red sky that we captured around the same time of the year (3/15/2015). Could it be that the earth was entering a position where the reflection of the red iron oxide tail  of planet x would become more visible?

Correct! This is just further confirmation that the esx team is not the only group of people seeing this.

We are seeing the buzz about the red/orange skies become more frequent as of late on youtube, as the more people begin to realize just how real planet x is and will become shortly(Please visit the planet x evidence page).

According to researcher Bob Fletcher we should start seeing it as a new star around December, so we will see if that’s the case. In the mean time, it is time to kick preparedness into over drive.




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