The planet x puzzle becomes clearer just about everyday, with red dusty sunsets and sunrises, and extreme chemicals being sprayed mainly right in front of the sun at sunset and sunrise. It is obvious that the cover up crowd will attempt to keep nibiru aka planet x covered up until the final days of the pole shift.

500 Days To Climate Chaos

It’s out in the open now, no more covering everything up! we have another celestial object effecting our planet and other planets in our solar system, causing weather extremes, mass animal deaths, electromagnetic disturbances, fireballs increasing, red dusty skies increasing, severe earthquakes increasing, and volcanic activity is increasing.

Speaking of mass animals, one interesting story that developed not too long ago was a swarm of flies in the Mississippi:

Have you ever witnessed anything like this before? Has anyone ever witnessed anything like we have been seeing as of late?

On top of the climate chaos talk which is scheduled for September 24th 2015, the eye opener for the presence of planet x has been the significant uptick in severe earthquakes. There have been 12 magnitude  6.0 or greater earthquakes for the month of July alone, and a long list of other significant earthquakes that have taken place for 2014.



The media has finally began to recognize the significant uptick in earthquake activity, but the question is will they recognize planet x as the cause? The answer to that probably is no, because once again, anything but planet x is the cause for the extremes the world is witnessing.

Cities Prepare For The Worst

Springfield Missouri is drilling for a full-scale disaster with more than 20 agencies and dozens of volunteers participating, on 7/22/2014. -Source


On 7/26/2014 Altoona, Pittsburgh had more than 150 emergency service personnel representing eight counties took part in a full

scale disaster drill which included active shooter, explosives, and building collapses. –source

Quick question, if there was a going to be a significant major disaster in the near future what would be one of the worst places to be near? If you guessed prisons, you are correct, and just recently there was a major drill held outside the lamesa state prison, simulating a fire in the boiler room. –source

Zombie  Weather

Zombie weatherFrom dust storms in Arizona to hailstorms in England , to the Netherlands being plagued by extreme weather events, there has been no shortage of headlines showing the severe weather events in bunches.

Laurance Hill wrote about the recent Zombie Apocalypse storms in England saying:

 “These were once roads. Now they are rivers of hail. I’ve never seen anything like it. ” –source

Sinkholes Continue


Binary Star Discoveries Continue

A quick Google search for the news headlines and you can see aliens, and binary star systems soaking the headlines:


Even though it is completely ridiculous to some news sources that our sun could have binary partner, there are all types of news reports showing these star systems being found regularly. Is the mainstream media trying to prime the public for the announcement of planet x aka Nibiru in the near future?

The puzzle is becoming crystal clear, and yes it does look as if nibiru is near, and the aliens are here.

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