Can you name one subject, that has more disinformation about it than planet x? In recent years we have witnessed this disinformation, and attacks on planet x researchers abroad, and now that there is increasing visibility, the debunkers are getting quiet.

The last 24 hours have been nothing short of amazing, as the planet x puzzle is all starting to come together. After doing years of research, and punching through the data, planet x is now more real than ever.

We attempted to connect with our YouTube subscribers by offering to colorize the images that they took, and long behold, we were spammed, and had plenty of trouble trying to receive any email requests at all.

This is great because it just adds to the reality that there are really a group of people who don’t like researchers who try to inform the public on the subject of planet x. We caught an amazing photo in the last portion of the video below which makes us believe that we caught the planet x system inbound.

The main reason why we believe that this photo is the most reliable is because the entire area we were viewing, was littered with red dusty skies, and of course this object had red dust coming from the object in question.

The following image reveals the sway that the sky has with the red dust being obvious.

red dusk

Of course as the planet x complex approaches, this will most likely increase as it is now more real to us then ever.

Other Important News

The latest video from Fema is asking people if they are ready?


Aside from this story we have the capstone on the Georgia guide stones showing the numbers 2014. Which most likely is symbolizing a turning point in things to come.


Top officials are leaving homeland security in the past four years. And federal database review which garnered nationwide headlines this week mentioned that DHS officials are exiting the homeland security agency twice the rate as the  government. source

There are several important news events that people have to keep in mind when it comes to the future, and what is happening right now with planet x , and they are the following:

Janet Napalitano Warns Of Unprecedented Natural Disaster 

article link

We Have 500 Days To Climate Chaos

article link 

Motor Coaches For A President Announced Natural Disaster

article link

Obama Announces National Preparedness Month

article link

Sofia Shutdown Which Viewed Objects In The infrared

article link

Government Buying 14 Million Potassium Iodide

article link

Cnn Huge Hidden Heavenly Body Right In Our Solar System

article link


The list of important news events goes on and on, as the build up for the planet x announcement begins, if any. This is the time to prepare now, as everything is starting to come together quickly, with crystal clarity.



The virgin islands was shaken with several earthquakes today, with the following magnitudes 2.3, 2.8, 3.0, 2.5, 2.7 2.7 and 2.7.  The largest tremor struck at the sandwich islands measuring 5.9 in magnitude, with a depth of 122 kilometers. There is currently a long list of earthquake events at the moment,  as recently there has been an uptick in overall activity.

The next group of earthquakes measured magnitude 5.4 Palmerston North, New Zealand, and magnitude 5.0 in Pangai Tonga, taking place near the indo-Australian plate.



Bardabunga volcano has recently seen a drop of 2o cm at the caldera according to, with continued earthquake activity. Yellowstone is quiet at the moment, with no earthquake activity to report on. source

The manila volcano in the Philippines is showing steam, as pressure is building up today. Scientist are on the alert, with 50,000 people evacuating from the danger zone around the volcano. source

At Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano , lava flow is headed for the rural town of Pahoa, and slowed down over the weekend but ignited a brush fire in an area with no residents living nearby. source


sinkhole 4In Popo South Portland  there was a  call around 8:30 a.m about a sinkhole in the area. In Delaware Ohio a sinkhole was reported on U.S 23 near the Hawthorne Blvd. source 1 |source 2

Henan China has received  14 sinkholes, causing headache for drivers who have been warned to be on alert for sudden collapses.

Mass Animal Deaths

140 birds in Poole Park this summer have died this summer, in the United kingdom with officials not knowing what is causing all of the birds to die. Large numbers of baby gannets have been found dead today in East Lothian.

The last report but most certainly not least is from harrow large park in the UK, as a volunteer has estimated that 1,000 fish have mysteriously died over the weekend at park lake.

source 1 | source 2 | source 3 

 Drought On The Move

The devastating three-year drought will most likely continue through all of California, most of Nevada, and parts of western Utah as less precipitation then usual is the standard. source

Trains Derail

Six trains derail in just four months in Canada as Mayor Tyler Warman says the government should do more to ensure the safety of the town. source

Important Ebola Update

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