The following photo’s were taken in the state of Mississippi facing west at sunset time( 5:17 pm| January 7th, 2015). This orbital was just to the right of the constellation of Aquila.

Update: Here is the original raw image for you to enhance using  gimp /light-room 5 in  the links below:

Esx dropbox link

Download gimp (free)

Download lightroom5(free trial)

The black lines covering the front of the image are telephone wires.

before and after

On the left of the image  is the original photo, and on the right is the color enhancement using lightroom 5.  Using lightroom 5 software I was able to bring out the details of the dust around this orbital in the western sky.

That dust around this orbital is not a cloud, and it is not Venus or Mercury, those planets are to the left of the constellation of Aquila.

As you can see this appears to have wings of sorts, just like the winged globe spoken about in ancient texts and artworks. The sky was generating an orange/pink type color which is covering most of the western and northern skies.
planet x orbital

Just like in my previous video entitled hercolubus planet x, I saw something in the skies that did not look normal at all. This object stuck out like a sore thumb because I’ve been watching the western sky like a hawk.

When you press Y on the keyboad the lightroom 5 software splits the original image, and the color enhanced image. Anyone who has doubts that this image has been altered must download lightroom 5 now, and upload an image from a digital camera.

You will find out quickly that most if not all digital camera’s don’t allow you to enhance the image before you upload to the computer, on top of that you can see the time stamp feature on the image to the left at the bottom right hand corner.


Below is an image of starry night skychart for the date and time in question:

western sky

Unfortunately I believe strongly that this is apart of the planet x system, or planet x itself, as seen in the western sky video below:

If the 00skyview team is correct, and we believe they are, this could be the KBO, or apart of that system.

What’s interesting about the skeptics about this subject is they post no videos, pictures, or have any data, and yet they have the biggest opinion of why we are capturing anything but planet x.

The time for debunking is coming to an end, and it won’t be too long before the entire world wakes up to what we are facing at this moment, which for now is strange objects and red skies to match.

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